Cotton In The Sky

Yesterday when I went back home from work, right before
I went inside my house, I noticed how beautiful the clouds looked. 
I thought to myself, "jeez Marcela, you get off work
and you go directly home on such pretty day... why don't you
enjoy the sky a little?"

So I did. I grabbed my camera and went along this pretty road
nearby, taking pictures along the way. 

The clouds were puffy, gigantic, and they made the houses look tiny

They also made this tree look more isolated and peaceful

I used my other lens to see the difference. How awesome would it be
if we could sleep on them...


On the way back home there was a small hill to pass and, with the clouds above,
it was too magical for my camera to skip

Finally, when I thought I didn't need more pictures, I looked at my house, my room
on the right, and the sky behind. Lens cap off, camera on, click!

Updates Updates

Days are passing really fast and I already started preparing for my trip to Peru. So far, I know I will need three suitcases at least; my mom will probably help me with one of those when she visits Peru this July. I already made that suitcase; it's full of winter clothes (the ones I don't need in Austin AT ALL right now). 

I've also started to re-organize my room, area by area, to make sure that I'm taking everything I need and that whatever stays here is in order. Of course, right now my room looks like a hurricane went through it (maybe I'll show you a picture...). But I tell my mom not to worry; it's only temporary because the purpose is 'total organization.'

I'm still thinking about the type of job I want to find there... maybe something related to urbanism? urbanism and photography? something that requires English skills? a business started by my friend and I? Who's going to be an interesting time, I believe. 

And what will happen with my blog? Should I rename it  'the joy of enjoying
life in Peru'? Because, trust me, it's completely different, with many problems as well, but with many things to enjoy! Yes, maybe I should do that... as long as I have a blog, 
the name could change according to my location. I kind of want to have
a Spanish one too... hmmmm...

Anyway, I'll be telling you more about that as time passes.
On another note, guess what, my Etsy shop has 9 sales already. The last
three were relatively close. It made me happy. Slow period again though.

I do have a sale going on!
Buy 1, get 1 50% off (equal or smaller price)! Convo me before adding the second one to your cart! Sale ends 6/30

 I swear if I had more readers I would do giveaways!
But I'm afraid the comments would be so few :/
Ok, that was all today. I will come back as soon as I can; 
I hope you're having a fantastic week!


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