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Days are passing really fast and I already started preparing for my trip to Peru. So far, I know I will need three suitcases at least; my mom will probably help me with one of those when she visits Peru this July. I already made that suitcase; it's full of winter clothes (the ones I don't need in Austin AT ALL right now). 

I've also started to re-organize my room, area by area, to make sure that I'm taking everything I need and that whatever stays here is in order. Of course, right now my room looks like a hurricane went through it (maybe I'll show you a picture...). But I tell my mom not to worry; it's only temporary because the purpose is 'total organization.'

I'm still thinking about the type of job I want to find there... maybe something related to urbanism? urbanism and photography? something that requires English skills? a business started by my friend and I? Who knows...it's going to be an interesting time, I believe. 

And what will happen with my blog? Should I rename it  'the joy of enjoying
life in Peru'? Because, trust me, it's completely different, with many problems as well, but with many things to enjoy! Yes, maybe I should do that... as long as I have a blog, 
the name could change according to my location. I kind of want to have
a Spanish one too... hmmmm...

Anyway, I'll be telling you more about that as time passes.
On another note, guess what, my Etsy shop has 9 sales already. The last
three were relatively close. It made me happy. Slow period again though.

I do have a sale going on!
Buy 1, get 1 50% off (equal or smaller price)! Convo me before adding the second one to your cart! Sale ends 6/30

 I swear if I had more readers I would do giveaways!
But I'm afraid the comments would be so few :/
Ok, that was all today. I will come back as soon as I can; 
I hope you're having a fantastic week!


  1. it is nice to have a change of environment, I hope enjoy everything!

  2. Congrats on the Etsy sales and wow Peru!! I hope moving and everything goes well!


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