10 Fun Things To Say To Telemarketers!

It's cool when you have take something that frustrates you and make it fun!
Who hasn't been bothered at least once by telemarketers? Whether they call us at home or at the office, they don't seem to understand our need for privacy/time/concentration/...
Let's see what we can do in order to avoid feeling annoyed next time one of them calls. Why not have a little fun, right? You will probably end up smiling instead of losing patience. Here are some of the funnest tips I found:

1) If you have a small child, say to the telemarketer: "Speak to the man/lady of the house." Hand the phone to him/her and let the fun begin :)

2) If they try to sell you something, try to sell them something as well. Interrupt them by saying: How about I offer you this product? Would you like to buy (...)? You got the idea.

3) Act as if you are an answering machine. Say: "Hello." (Wait on them to start talking.) "I'm sorry we can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message. Beep."

4) You can answer by saying the name of a random company. For example, an insurance company. You can then ask questions like, "What if something happened to you?" or "Are you sure your final needs can be met?" They will probably hang up.

5) Answer the phone in a pretend foreign language.

6) A not-so-subtle one: "I'd love to hear more about why you are calling me, but I'm in the middle of dinner right now. Why don't you give me your home number so I can call and irritate you in the middle of your meal?" Or claim that you need some time to think, and that you'll get back to them.

7) Act as if you thought you won something. Talk continuously without letting them, and ask them things like when and how your prize will be sent.

8) Say: "Sorry to interrupt you. I really want to talk to you, but can you hold on for a few minutes? I just need to finish up the call from the last telemarketer. He called me about an hour ago." Or, put them on hold forever :P

9) Tell them you charge for listening. "Before I listen to your pitch, there are a few things we need to cover. My minimum rate for listening is $35 an hour. I have a deluxe package for $55 per hour that offers a 2 percent chance of purchase of what you're selling. (...and so on)

10) Say, "This phone line is for emergency use only. Do you have an emergency?" If they so no, then you can tell them goodbye; if they say say you can ask them about the emergency and insist it isn't one.

Try not to be mean, guys. This is just for fun! Don't get frustrated over a person you don't even know :P Turn the situation around and have some fun!

Enjoy talking to a telemarketer!

For more, go here:

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  1. Angelito!!! esta es una de las razones por las cuales estudie un master en psicología para saber cómo es que la gente puede huir de manera creativa a los mensajes que les mandamos los publicistas.
    esta genial.
    mil besos.

  2. That was a very good techniques doing what he do make's him or her annoy too.That was a really funny thing to do.

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