Weekend & Haircuts

Hello there :)
The weekend is finally here! By the way, how was your week? I hope it was great, and if it wasn't, use some time for yourself this weekend and relax, go have fun, sit outdoors, spend time with your pet, visit your parents/grandparents, make a cake... something nice. I challenge you to make the most out of your free time this weekend!
Or... go get a haircut! Let's see... haircuts can be more than just sitting in front of the mirror staring at the person who is giving you the new look. First of all, it's relaxing, especially when you have a hairstylist that massages your head when she/he washes your hair. Secondly, if you had a stressful week, it can make you feel renewed and ready for a better one- fresh new start!... at least that's how it made me feel one time when I had a hectic week at school. It can also make you feel prettier :)... all those split ends gone, maybe some nice bangs, charming layers, etc. There is a website I found that lets you create different makeovers. If you don't want to get a haircut yet, but are thinking about it, play with it some. You just have to sign up, but it's free, unlike other ones on the web. (note: guys, no men hairstyles on it :(, if I find one I will let you know!) Here is a makeover I did with one of my pictures... even if the images don't look perfect, they give you a good idea.
TAAZ.com : Virtual Makeover.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have fun doing it! Don't forget to take a moment to pamper yourself. Talk to you all soon and thanks for visiting :)

Extra whip cream please!- What this blog is about

Who hasn't been to Starbucks at least once, right? During school years, I would get coffee from Starbucks several times a week, and there was something that would always make me smile and stare at the floor: While waiting in line, I'd listen to the people in front of me order. At least 3 out of 5 would say something like: "I’ll have a tall, nonfat, sugar-free, no whip, decaf Cinnamon Dolce Latte." Then I would think to myself: wow these people really do what they can to stay healthy and consume the least amount of sugar they can... maybe I should learn from them [note: I LOVE sweets]. So, as the line got shorter and shorter, I would continue to analyze their orders. Finally my turn came, and with a big smile due to my excitement I'd say: "Hi! Can I have a tall hazelnut latte with whip cream?" "add a marble pound cake to that." :) (... sugar? what sugar?)
I could not resist... I could not go against what my organism asked me for. I try not to constraint my cravings too much... and hey, I am not in bad shape; I do exercise and what not.
Basically, with this story, I want you to remember that it is important to enjoy things like that once in a while. Of course you need to be careful with sugar consumption, and dairy products, and caffeine. Just don't go against your cravings all the time; it's good to give your body what it's asking for. You CAN eat what you want, just not ALL you want :)
Having said that... this blog is about enjoying life, being happy with what you have, appreciating family & friends, feeling healthy yet not deprived of the things you love, following your instincts, loving yourself, and much more! One thing to remember is that life is short! I am no pessimistic at all, but I always try to keep in mind that each day in one's life is basically a gift; there are no guarantees about the future. If you have a certain craving, go have that today! If you feel like doing something specific, why wait? Tell me about it if you want :) Enjoy!

Just Another Manic Monday!

At some point during a Sunday, many of us quietly say to ourselves, "I can't believe tomorrow is Monday again!, I don't want to go to work!" Next weekend seems so far ahead that it's depressing, and especially for those of you who may have an irritating co-worker and/or a lunatic boss. But Mondays can be pleasant days too! It pretty much depends on what you do to make it that way :)
So here are a few tips to try:
1) First of all--before we even get to Monday-- try to enjoy your weekend as much as you can. Don't forget to relax too, especially Sunday night-- that will make it easier for you to start the week off.
2) Try not to be negative when it comes. If you feel tired or lazy, brush those thoughts away by having a delicious breakfast, or choosing a nice outfit for the day, or watering your plants... (whatever you DO like doing during mornings).
3) On the other hand, if you'd rather not do things so early, shorten your list by taking care of things Sunday afternoon/night.
4) Have something to look forward to on Mondays. Make it your dessert day, your cookie day (I go and buy m&m cookies sometimes), your shopping day (wait, not all Mondays though!), your girlfriend/buddies-afternoon day... etc.
5) Don't concentrate on how many days left of work there are. Don't you realize that time passes by so fast anyway? Make the most out of each day then, including Mondays.
6) In the afternoon, do something relaxing... go for a walk and listen to nature, take a hot bath while you listen to your favorite music, drink a glass of wine while you listen to a cheesy radio-show, etc.
7) While at work, think of a nice memory from the weekend to cheer you up. Also try thinking about cool plans coming up soon and make them an incentive to be in a happy mood.
8) This is not my idea, but I thought it was funny: Put up a picture of your boss in your room and practice throwing darts at it – it’s a great stress-buster and you’ll feel much more cheery at work.- www.ehow.com

Enjoy your Mondays :)

Ever Been To A Chiropractor?

Today me and my dad went to the chiropractor. I had not been there in like 4 years but I am glad I finally went back! I don't suffer from back pain or anything, but I like to benefit from a few pops! & cracks! It's great! It leaves you feeling like you can articulate all your movements with better flexibility. Well, just thought I'd share with you some of the benefits.
When talking about medicine, I often quote experts, as I am afraid to word something incorrectly:
"Many things in your everyday life can cause the 24 moving bones of your spinal column to lose their normal position and motion" --and you'd be surprised how many things!... carrying something the wrong way, sleeping on your stomach, etc-- "Chiropractors call this a subluxation. When these bones lose their normal motion and position it sets off a chain reaction affecting the spinal bones, nerves, muscles, and soft tissues. This results in degenerative changes throughout the body. Subluxations appear as many symptoms, including headaches, lower-back pain, pain in the arms, pain in the legs, and in many other areas that you might not realize could be affected."

Do you ever have headaches that seem random, or neck pain, or back pain? As good as a masage can be, try going to a Chiropractor one day. It's definitely not as subtle... don't be scared when it seems he/she will twist your neck and kill you like it happens in action movies, or when he/she applies a "bear hug-style" technique to put your spine back into place. They are doctors too and they know what they're doing. It doesn't hurt. The pops and cracks will most likely make you go "wow" instead of "ouch." Go for it :)

Short-term and regular chiropractic care have a number of benefits including:

  • spinal and extremity pain relief
  • headache relief
  • ncreased mobility and range of motion
  • decreased stiffness and muscular spasms
  • arthritic joint pain relief
  • increased joint health
  • increased performance and energy
  • increased sense of well being and relaxation
  • increased balance and coordination
  • reduced degeneration and risk of injury
  • enhanced tissue healing
  • decreased tissue inflammation
Enjoy your visit to the Chiropractor!

Series To Watch On ABC Family

I must first say this: I'm 23 years old, so don't think this post is just for girls or teenagers. These are two series that have just started in ABC Family Channel, and I am already hooked. Usually, you will find me watching more realistic programs like Forensic Files, Animal Planet, etc. However, if you like to have a program that makes you want to record the episodes so you won't miss what happens next, these are two suggestions. Chill on the sofa, lay on the bed, eat some ice cream, or jello, or fruit salad, and relax watching these cute shows.:)

Make It or Break It! Good acting, interesting plot, awesome athletes performing. As I read in one article: "Don't dismiss the idea of watching the show if you don't like gymnastics. There are a lot of issues that will be dealt with. Friendships will be tested, lives will be changed and in the end it is the survival of the fittest. You will probably love the relationship between siblings (Kaylie and Leo), the love triangles between (Carter, Kaylie and Lauren) and (Emily, Razor, and Leo)."

10 Things I Hate About You (The Series). We all remember Heath Ledger in the movie, but isn't the new actor just as charming? Enjoy the series... and the ice cream :)

Girls With Freckles... We Are Special!

First of all... all girls are special in a way :P
But this post is dedicated to those girls with freckles who wish they didn't have them. I am an excellent example of a "chocolate-chip-cookie." In other words, I have a lot of freckles! And I've always wanted to get rid of some. But with time I have come to understand many things: 1) If you want others to love you, you must first love yourself. 2) We all have something in our bodies we might not like very much, it's ok! 3) There are people out there with worse problems than skin pigmentations! 4) It's not too hard to camouflage our freckles if we wanted to, but girls who want freckles would have to draw on themselves :P 5) Last but not least, who said freckles aren't cute??! The only thing you guys should be worried about is monitoring your freckles once in a while to make sure they have not changed. Having a dermatologist and going for a check-up maybe twice a year is a good way to go :P
Do you have freckles? Send me a picture and I will be happy to post in here!
Before finishing, here are a couple of phrases I found!

“A girl without freckles is like a night without stars”

"My Grandmother always told me they were angel kisses"

"You're just going to burn if you lay out" No, I will work on my mini tan (freckle) collection.

"Those freckles are going to turn into age spots." No, they won't. You're just jealous.

Enjoy having those unique markins on your skin <3

Pick Vegetables That Promote Healthy Skin | LIVESTRONG.COM

Weights Don’t Bulk Up Women- How I Work Out

Top 10 Reasons Heavy Weights Don’t Bulk Up the Female Athlete

I always read articles where women are worried that lifting weights will bulk them up. I wish it could be easy for us to gain muscle that fast! But it's not, so don't worry. :)
In fact, weight lifting is good for anybody and it helps your metabolism! In order to tone up your body gradually, just create a simple schedule that works with your daily routine. For example, here is what I do:
According to my current life-routine I create a gym schedule. I aim for 4 times a week working a specific muscle group each time, since I am trying to be more toned and gain a little bit of muscle mass [Once you're in your perfect shape, you can reduce it to 2-3 times a week and just do full body routines to maintain]. Important things to remember:

1) Set your goals. What do you want to improve on? I want to have better legs, arms, and back. I am leaving the chest for later, and I work on abs whenever I can squeeze them into my workout. But, again, my priorities are my legs, arms, and back. So 3 of my days will probably be dedicated for those areas.

2) Decide how you want to work out. Some people prefer to follow Upper Body vs. Lower Body routines. I divide my workouts the following way: Back+Biceps one day, Shoulders+Triceps another day, and Legs. Other ideas: Triceps+Biceps, Abs+Chest, Legs, Shoulders+Back

3) Let your muscles rest. Try to leave at least three days if you plan on using the same muscle. For example, I try to keep my Back+Biceps days apart from my Shoulders+Triceps days because I am using my arms in all of them. Also, I used to think that if I worked out my legs many times a week, I would get them toned faster. FALSE! It is not a good idea to over-train your muscles; their tissue starts to burn.

4) Don't forget to include cardio. Cardio is important because it helps your circulation, works your heart, and builds indurance. Since I aim for weights 3 times a week, I leave 1 for only cardio (1 hr walking/running intervals). But if I have some extra time on my other days, I finish with 10 minutes of cardio (after a weight lifting session, cardio is excellent for burning fat).

5) Vary your routines. Your muscles get used to doing the same thing, so you have to alter your routines once in a while. Do 3 sets one week, 4 the next, use dumbbells for 3 weeks, cords the next 3, do lunges 3 weeks, squats the next 3. These are just examples of things to vary; they are not complete routines. Now, for large muscle groups, like legs and back, I do about 7 different exercises with 3 sets of 12 as average. For small muscles like biceps, I do 3 exercises with 2 sets of 12 each. For triceps I do 3 exercises as well, but with 1 set of 12 reps. each [maybe 2 if I feel like I can do a few more]. Arm muscles are smaller and don't need as much training as legs and back. Here are two great websites that show you different exercises according to muscle group and how to do them correctly: http://www.fullfitness.net/

6) Don't forget your proteins :). A lot of natural products have protein and it's easy to find information about them online. But you could also try Organic Protein Supplements, (if I use a supplement, I'd rather have the organic one) and prepare yourself a yummy smoothie with frozen fruit (which, by the way, are said to contain more nutrients than fresh fruit). That way you are also satisfying your recommended daily fruit intake :) (at least half of it)

7) Use the Web! Any questions I have I type them on google. Things like: How many sets should I do for this muscle group? What are the best exercises for legs? How many grams of protein are recommended? Whatever your doubts are! Type them in google and most likely someone will have already answered the question.

Last but not least... allow yourself to just do whatever you feel like doing. Some days I am in the mood to ditch the weights and try a Pilates routine on TV, or Tae-bo, or Batuka (latin dancing workout), or bollywood dancing!. As long as you are doing something to release those daily tensions, you will most likely end up feeling great!

So... go, enjoy the gym, the weights, the yummy smoothie afterwards, and eventually... the results :)

For those of you who love Queen!- Part I

Wow... what a band. Don't all of you wish Freddie was still alive so that he could continue inspiring us with his voice? It's not common for me to brag about things I like too much. I know everyone likes different things, etc. I also know there are so many awesome artists out there that one should appreciate. And I do, but I still miss Freddie! After I watch how he captures the crowd during his concerts, there is nothing that I would die to attend nowadays more than a Queen concert. What is your favorite Queen song? When do you hear it? For instance, I love listening to "I'm Going Slightly Mad" when I am stuck in traffic. Even though it has nothing to do with the song, I go slightly mad if I sit in the car too long. I love listening to "I Want to Break Free" when I am going back home from the gym and the speed limit is 60 and there are not too many cars around. I lower my windows, raise the volume, and stick my hand out to feel the air. The middle of the song with Brian's guitar and the instrumental part afterward is my favorite! :)

Also: One of my favorite Queen phrases is: My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies, fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly my friends! I made a t-shirt of it, which you can see at zazzle.com:

Enjoy Freddie's amazing voice!

1st Post & A Note On Long Distance Love

After some thinking, I've decided to start a blog. I am not sure about the main topic yet, since I like many things. But to start off, I wanted to mention that long distance relationships will probably be something that I will talk about often. It has been something that I've experience for the past 5 years and I am willing to answer any questions to those who need some support or advice in the matter. I am not an expert, but I can certainly give some tips or help you find a website where there are even more people who will help you. If you'd rather just talk to one person though, write me a note! I will post phrases and other helpful links shortly. Thanks for stopping by!

If you have someone you love, enjoy what you have, even if it's far away... distance will be temporary, and once you 2 are back together, your love will be stronger :)


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