Just Another Manic Monday!

At some point during a Sunday, many of us quietly say to ourselves, "I can't believe tomorrow is Monday again!, I don't want to go to work!" Next weekend seems so far ahead that it's depressing, and especially for those of you who may have an irritating co-worker and/or a lunatic boss. But Mondays can be pleasant days too! It pretty much depends on what you do to make it that way :)
So here are a few tips to try:
1) First of all--before we even get to Monday-- try to enjoy your weekend as much as you can. Don't forget to relax too, especially Sunday night-- that will make it easier for you to start the week off.
2) Try not to be negative when it comes. If you feel tired or lazy, brush those thoughts away by having a delicious breakfast, or choosing a nice outfit for the day, or watering your plants... (whatever you DO like doing during mornings).
3) On the other hand, if you'd rather not do things so early, shorten your list by taking care of things Sunday afternoon/night.
4) Have something to look forward to on Mondays. Make it your dessert day, your cookie day (I go and buy m&m cookies sometimes), your shopping day (wait, not all Mondays though!), your girlfriend/buddies-afternoon day... etc.
5) Don't concentrate on how many days left of work there are. Don't you realize that time passes by so fast anyway? Make the most out of each day then, including Mondays.
6) In the afternoon, do something relaxing... go for a walk and listen to nature, take a hot bath while you listen to your favorite music, drink a glass of wine while you listen to a cheesy radio-show, etc.
7) While at work, think of a nice memory from the weekend to cheer you up. Also try thinking about cool plans coming up soon and make them an incentive to be in a happy mood.
8) This is not my idea, but I thought it was funny: Put up a picture of your boss in your room and practice throwing darts at it – it’s a great stress-buster and you’ll feel much more cheery at work.- www.ehow.com

Enjoy your Mondays :)

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  1. This is so great! I actually got a little excited for next Monday!


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