Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 5: Backstreet Boys & Blonde Guys

Today during my lunch break, I was driving and suddenly thought: 
"I want to listen to the Backstreet Boys."
Has that happened to you? You keep singing an old band's 
song for some reason 
and eventually you just play the CD. I miss the 90s...
During that time, I was also-- who knows why-- a little obsessed with blonde guys. 
I guess it's not too hard to guess who my favorite Backstreet Boy was...

There was another band (from Ireland) that came out, with 3 blonde members! 
I fell 'in love' immediately. I wanted to listen to them, see them live someday, 
buy their cds, etc. None of that happened; just the first thing.
This band was Westlife. It wasn't as popular here in the U.S, so you may
not be familiar with them: Westlife

In this case, I was in love with the second and fifth guy. *sigh* funny memories.
Their songs are not bad actually :) I recommend 'My Love' and 'Fool Again' 

cheesy? maybe
cute? yeeeees

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  1. I loved backstreet boys! I was a Boyzone fan though, not Westlife - one of my best friends is obsessed with Westlife though, even now :)


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