What if... Wednesdays: Dreams

Pretty People,
what if you could choose one dream you've had
in the past and make it come true? Have you
ever woke up wishing you were still
dreaming? Many times probably!
Tell me about one of them :)
I think one of my coolest dreams ever
was one in which I could breath underwater.

At first, I was scared and thought I was going to drown (who knows why 
I was in the middle of an ocean to begin with). Then, when I 
was about to give up-- since I was so deep and thought I
wasn't going to make it to the surface-- I suddenly realized
I was breathing! And so I swam more...

and more...

Now imagine how fun that would be! I could stay underwater as
long as I wanted to, talk to the fishes

and other silly things...

At least I know I wouldn't look like I'm chewing a lemon:

(me like 4 years ago)

I chose this theme today because I had like one or two bad dreams
these past days. Shoo!

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  1. so i guess i'm the one that doesn't ... the one who wishes she didn't dream! love the photos & your blog!

  2. If I could make any dream I've had come true.. I would pick the one where I walked with Aladdin into a magical portal in the side of a tree, and I helped him find Jasmine. The fantasy world had one of the cutest, coziest little coffee shop/bakery. That one was from a while ago. Usually my dreams are a little scary, and they're adventures- with villians.


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