Slowly Updating You - Blogger Santa!

Hello dear readers!
Wow, I think I got a few more followers while being a little absent; how funny. Thank you though!
I have so many things to say. First of all, happy new year to all! I really hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness and many blessings. I also hope your holidays were wonderful and that you enjoyed the time with your families. 
Today I want to write about the awesome Blogger Santa- Gift Exchange that Jennifer (Novelista Barista) organized. I loved it when my mom asked me if I had ordered something when she saw there was a box for me. And it wasn't too small either. I was excited; someone from who knows where had sent me a Christmas gift!

Well, that person turned out to be a lady named Lisa. She sent me something she had bought while visiting Hawaii! This is what I saw when I opened the box:

Now let's take a closer look. An awesome hula dancer mug! I used to collect mugs in Peru. 
I had forgotten about how cool it was to have different designs. 
I think I will continue my collection!

I am a coffee lover. She knew this. Someone take out the coffee filters please! (so far I've tried
one of them, and it's delicious!)

and the best element a gift could have... a card with lovely words from her. Thank you, Lisa!

And just to make this post a little longer, let me tell you whose Blogger Santa I was! Her name is Kim; she loves accessories, music, photography, among other things. Since she told me she loved earrings and necklaces the most, and that she liked bright colors, I chose this for her:

bright yellow origami earrings!


this cute necklace with a cat listening to music. I love wearing
unique silly things sometimes. I hope she does too.

I'm so glad to be back! Now I just have to read your blogs and I'll be caught up :)


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, so glad you enjoyed your gift! I had an absolute blast being part of this secret santa gift exchange. Hope you have an amazing new year !

  2. Hi love, what a fun gift that you received and I am glad that you enjoyed it...I received this cute mermaid journal from participating as well. :) I am actually using Elfster for a V-Day swap at my blog if you want to participate. Glad you are doing well!


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