Film suprises with a few effects...

Remember when I said last week that I was excited to develop some film photos? 
Well, I already have them! In fact, I've had them for a few days, 
but today seems like a good day to share them finally. 
I also wrote a little list of the ones I really wanted to see. Well... here they are:

- me at Whole Foods

- my friend Adrian at Whole Foods (I had to make it b&w)

- my dad standing in front of my car

- pictures of cars and the sky

- a picture of my mom in the kitchen

- pictures near UT

and here is one more that I liked. Two great friends and I at a restaurant:

I really enjoyed using that camera.
I think one day I want to have a collection of them... 


  1. i love shooting film & these are all kinds of fun!

    as for a collection ... i have one, it's one of my "things" ... i love it!

  2. Your photos turned out great and I like the angles that you took them at! Glad you had fun with friends and I am definitely familiar with UT growing up there. :)


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