A Night At The Carnival

Why is it taking me so long to write about my weekends lately?
To whoever reads my blog; I hope you know that I will always write, 
even if sometimes it takes me days...
if one day I decide I can't dedicate enough time to it at all, I would let you know. :)

This past weekend my friend and I wanted to go to Austin Rodeo... a festival they have every year. But after some of the people who were going to go with us informed us they wouldn't be joining anymore, we spent a few hours trying to decide if we still wanted to go... at the end we did. And I'm glad!

Today I just wanted to post some of the pictures I took that day. It's funny 
how excited I get sometimes with photos of ordinary things like...
silhouettes of people with lights in the background
someone's jeans
a token machine... etc

I am still editing some of my pictures, but let me share these with you:

I do wish I had gotten there earlier to see Whiplash the cowboy monkey!!

But at least I had fun riding the ferris wheel and taking pictures :)
That's it for now! I'll show you some more later :P
Remember most of these are for sale at my Etsy shop.
Hasta pronto my dears

Boyfriend's Homework

This post is dedicated to my boyfriend. Every now and then I remind
him how much I like flowers and how romantic I think it is
when a man brings flowers to his girlfriend. Since we are far away right now, he hasn't
had many opportunities to do this, and when he has had it, something
always interrupts the process. It's ok, though, he shows me love in countless other ways.

Anyway, I told him there is a list I wrote with the flowers I like the most.
I also told him a good idea would be to bring me each one of these, and
by the end of the list, I'll know which ones were my favorites and he'll bring me
those from then on.

Now I have another idea. Maybe, by the end of the list, I can choose 
three types of flowers and he can give me 
a certain kind in the following situations:

1) Just for being romantic/ anniversaries/ for me to spoil him after
2) After we've had a fight (and he's guilty)
3) When I'm sad/sick/ and need some uplifting moments

I think that's a much cuter idea, right? Here are the nominees:


Anemones (blue ones would be lovely)

Orchids (Dendrobium)


White Lily



Yellow Roses

Sweetie you have to look for the Spanish translation on some of these. 
Homework for you :)

sources: 1234567

Things I loved about my weekend

Hi all,
How are youuu? Hope your weekend and first days of the week have been fantastic!
This weekend was a happy one. Usually all weekends are, but this one had several highlights.
Let's begin with Thursday night...
I saw my friend Teri (she is currently in Houston so I don't get to see her that often) and we had dinner and gelato. We caught up with our lives and had a fun time :)

On Friday, as early birthday present, my other awesome friend Josh took me to see the Phantom of the Opera (this is my 3rd time watching it). I always love it. It's a fantastic play with an amazing soundtrack and a powerful love story that will undoubtedly captivate you! 

isn't Gerard Butler a great Phantom? *sigh*

Someone wrote this review and I couldn't have said it better: "...the phantom is arguably the most intriguing character ever written. Every song in the musical is powerful. The sound of the church organ infuses your blood with ten emotions at the same time. It energizes your brain and each muscle of your body. Absolute must see!"

On Saturday I stayed home for most of the day, but my friends came to my house at night and we made some Pisco Sour (a yummy Peruvian cocktail),  some egg sandwiches (lovely combination, huh?), and then we celebrated 12:00 o'clock (my birthday on the 21st). After that we watched "Princess & The Frog" It was a lovely story, I miss that type of Disney Movies.

And on Sunday:

Birthday! 24... wow,  that's it! now it's time for time to slow down... no more years flying by :(
Oh well, let's just enjoy them, right?
Here are some cool things from Sunday:
* my dad called me very early (he's in Peru) and it was a nice way to "wake up"
* I talked to my dad and grandma and cousin through skype videochat
* I had many friends write me online
* my parents and brothers gave me wonderful cards
* my mom gave me a jacket I had seen a few months ago and liked very much at Arttie's
* my mom gave me a lovely grey wallet, thank you mamita
* mom and brothers gave me giftcards to this store I hadn't visited yet, but I totally loved: Charming Charlie, an accesories store organized by color :)
I can get lost there for hours...
here is a small pic I found (purple area):

* we went to a few other stores including Goodwill, where we donated some items and Plato's Closet, where they gave us $8.50 dollars for two old purses. :P
* we ate yummy sushi. Restaurant was a little slow but it was worth the wait. 
* we bought a cake that had chocolate mousse and it's already gone (it was small!).
March is definiltey cake month for me... if all my family was here, it'd be worse. Grandpa's birthday, aunt-grandma's, uncle's, etc. 

Good excuses to indulge. See you later dears :)



Who's birthday is in March? 
Well let me tell you, mine is too! The 21st
The other day I was reading Etsy's blog about the various things happening in 
March and I realized what a wonderful Month it is. 
So what's to love about it?

Well, let's start with the month in general:
March is known as National Craft Month, National Poetry Month, and 
was named for the Roman god of war, Mars!

It's Spring time! Flowers are blooming, weather is marvelous, 
students take a break from school, some
workers take a brake from the office (not me this time :P), etc!
In the Southern Hemisphere, the wonderful season of Fall begins!

It's St. Patrick's Day month. Although I don't 
celebrate that because I didn't grow up here, I still
see how much fun people have with it.

New season! New fashion trends come out. Even for home interiors.
"Channel bright and pastel colors paired with neutral and muted hues, 
light textured fabrics, references to nautical and scholastic styles, 
showing some skin and embellishments." -Etsy

Mother's Day is celebrated in the UK

Easter season begins. Time for chocolate eggs, cute bunnies, pastel colors, etc!

International Earth Day and Earth Hour are celebrated in March. 
Time to be green! Well, we should try to be green always. 

Speaking of green, 
I made a project the other day with recycled binders.
The office where I work out throws away binders so I came up with the 
idea of turning them into key-chain holders!
Here's an example:

The weather is perfect for gardening and being outdoors!

A lot of weddings are celebrated in March

March's birthstone is Aquamarine. Well, turquoise 
is my favorite color, and aquamarine is not too different.
*sigh* they're both so refreshing :)

Anyway dears, I hope you enjoyed all this March loveliness...

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Goblins in my house!


Have you ever had experiences so weird that you think "how will I tell this story in order for people to believe me?"? It happened to me yesterday/today!
Let me explain...

Yesterday, I went to my mom's bathroom to pick up my brush and other things. I noticed there was a hair tie on one of the rugs close to the sink and I said "Ok I'll remember it's there so if I need one tomorrow, I'll pick it up" (how lazy of me not to pick it up and put it in the drawer or something!).

So today I needed a hair tie. I knew there was one in the bathroom so I went to grab it. When I got there, the hair tie was gone. I was like "weird... I swear I saw it yesterday" I even stared at the rug for several seconds and even rubbed my foot on it in order to detect if it was there... but no it wasn't. And the rug pattern is not even too dark, so my eyes weren't being fooled--at least I don't think. Then something in me said... what if I look again and it's there again... as if a goblin took it and brought it back again (someone told me goblins supposedly take items from homes and that's why sometimes you don't find the pair of your earring)...

Suddenly, I look down again, and THE HAIR TIE WAS THERE. I was in shock!! I almost jumped back. There it was... laying still... very clear to my eyes... the misterious hair tie.

I left the room because I wanted to see if it was going to disappear again when I came back... but this time it didn't. And plus I had to go to work. But... seriously guys... the most awkward thing that has happened to me so far this year. 

images 123


Today is (or was since it's almost over!) my mom's birthday. 
I wanted to dedicate this post to her and tell her she deserves to have an amazing day with all the people who love her. She deserves that every day, actually. But today in particular. Thanks mom for giving me incredible values and always supporting me unconditionally. <3 We may have our arguments sometimes, but you know I love you a lot lot LOT.

The other day I went with her to a Restaurant. As you can imagine, I took some pictures there! Many of them involve my mom, so I wanted to share some here.

My mom's hands reflected on the table:

Her sneakers in nice contrast with the carpet.

Mommy enjoying her meal

The funniest thing happened that day! While my mom was eating; 
her hands got a little messy!
At one point, when my mom moved her hand, I saw what it 
appeared to be a little face
on her thumb. She agreed that it looked like a little guy. It was cute!
seems like he's tasting what's on his face.
Happy Birthday, mami! 

I'm getting sleepy now, lame :(

Etsy Etsy Etsy, I love you

Just thought I'd do a little advertising on my blog :) not 
just for me but for other talented people on Etsy.   

So here are some of my favorite items. Amazing artists out there...
Buy Handmade

This would be my photography shop. Come visit sometime!
Buy Handmade

I have 4 sales so far, but eventually I am sure I can reach more people 
and also improve as an artist.

This is a picture I took with my phone before shipping one of my sold items. 
Whoever buys from my store gets a note from me, a nicely-wrapped print protected from all hazards! and who knows, maybe even more surprises :) Also, I'll probably have a sale at my shop this month because my birthday is coming up! 

Now go and check out some Etsy stores!
And if you make anything you feel you're good at, open one! Who knows who might be waiting for your art out there.

Want to vote for Paulie?

Are you a pet owner?
Are you an animal-lover?
Are you someone who donates to animals often?
Well, today you can do it through the SpayDay 2010 photo contest!
If you often donate to animal organizations, then I invite you to do it here, just for this time!

I have a cockatiel named Paulie:

He is sweet and spoiled and funny!

He is also a bit quite mischievous. I took these pictures of him 
grabbing the fridge magnets and dropping them

Paulie is in the contest; there are two categories. One of them is based on the actual 
photos of your pet. I liked the idea, so I have more than one entry for that. 
The other one is the fundraiser, and the pet with more donations in his/her 
name wins. I know I'm not going to win that one, but I still think it's important 
to ask people to donate for animals :) so that is why I have this 
post today; it's dedicated to our pets! One day I want to have a dog again, 
but for now, I'm very content with my little rascal. 

Click here if you would like to vote/donate ($5 minimum):
Voting ends Thursday, March 4, at 10 p.m. EST


Thank you, guys (for donating or reading my post)


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