Things I loved about my weekend

Hi all,
How are youuu? Hope your weekend and first days of the week have been fantastic!
This weekend was a happy one. Usually all weekends are, but this one had several highlights.
Let's begin with Thursday night...
I saw my friend Teri (she is currently in Houston so I don't get to see her that often) and we had dinner and gelato. We caught up with our lives and had a fun time :)

On Friday, as early birthday present, my other awesome friend Josh took me to see the Phantom of the Opera (this is my 3rd time watching it). I always love it. It's a fantastic play with an amazing soundtrack and a powerful love story that will undoubtedly captivate you! 

isn't Gerard Butler a great Phantom? *sigh*

Someone wrote this review and I couldn't have said it better: "...the phantom is arguably the most intriguing character ever written. Every song in the musical is powerful. The sound of the church organ infuses your blood with ten emotions at the same time. It energizes your brain and each muscle of your body. Absolute must see!"

On Saturday I stayed home for most of the day, but my friends came to my house at night and we made some Pisco Sour (a yummy Peruvian cocktail),  some egg sandwiches (lovely combination, huh?), and then we celebrated 12:00 o'clock (my birthday on the 21st). After that we watched "Princess & The Frog" It was a lovely story, I miss that type of Disney Movies.

And on Sunday:

Birthday! 24... wow,  that's it! now it's time for time to slow down... no more years flying by :(
Oh well, let's just enjoy them, right?
Here are some cool things from Sunday:
* my dad called me very early (he's in Peru) and it was a nice way to "wake up"
* I talked to my dad and grandma and cousin through skype videochat
* I had many friends write me online
* my parents and brothers gave me wonderful cards
* my mom gave me a jacket I had seen a few months ago and liked very much at Arttie's
* my mom gave me a lovely grey wallet, thank you mamita
* mom and brothers gave me giftcards to this store I hadn't visited yet, but I totally loved: Charming Charlie, an accesories store organized by color :)
I can get lost there for hours...
here is a small pic I found (purple area):

* we went to a few other stores including Goodwill, where we donated some items and Plato's Closet, where they gave us $8.50 dollars for two old purses. :P
* we ate yummy sushi. Restaurant was a little slow but it was worth the wait. 
* we bought a cake that had chocolate mousse and it's already gone (it was small!).
March is definiltey cake month for me... if all my family was here, it'd be worse. Grandpa's birthday, aunt-grandma's, uncle's, etc. 

Good excuses to indulge. See you later dears :)


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  1. I am glad that you enjoyed The Phantom, that is such a good show and I totally agree with the description you posted, couldn't have said it better. Also, glad you had a nice time with your friend watching Princess and the Frog - I am dying to see that! Happy happy Birthday, sounds like you had a nice one!


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