Boyfriend's Homework

This post is dedicated to my boyfriend. Every now and then I remind
him how much I like flowers and how romantic I think it is
when a man brings flowers to his girlfriend. Since we are far away right now, he hasn't
had many opportunities to do this, and when he has had it, something
always interrupts the process. It's ok, though, he shows me love in countless other ways.

Anyway, I told him there is a list I wrote with the flowers I like the most.
I also told him a good idea would be to bring me each one of these, and
by the end of the list, I'll know which ones were my favorites and he'll bring me
those from then on.

Now I have another idea. Maybe, by the end of the list, I can choose 
three types of flowers and he can give me 
a certain kind in the following situations:

1) Just for being romantic/ anniversaries/ for me to spoil him after
2) After we've had a fight (and he's guilty)
3) When I'm sad/sick/ and need some uplifting moments

I think that's a much cuter idea, right? Here are the nominees:


Anemones (blue ones would be lovely)

Orchids (Dendrobium)


White Lily



Yellow Roses

Sweetie you have to look for the Spanish translation on some of these. 
Homework for you :)

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  1. What gorgeous flowers - hope the boyfriend can get you some when you see him! :)


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