Who's birthday is in March? 
Well let me tell you, mine is too! The 21st
The other day I was reading Etsy's blog about the various things happening in 
March and I realized what a wonderful Month it is. 
So what's to love about it?

Well, let's start with the month in general:
March is known as National Craft Month, National Poetry Month, and 
was named for the Roman god of war, Mars!

It's Spring time! Flowers are blooming, weather is marvelous, 
students take a break from school, some
workers take a brake from the office (not me this time :P), etc!
In the Southern Hemisphere, the wonderful season of Fall begins!

It's St. Patrick's Day month. Although I don't 
celebrate that because I didn't grow up here, I still
see how much fun people have with it.

New season! New fashion trends come out. Even for home interiors.
"Channel bright and pastel colors paired with neutral and muted hues, 
light textured fabrics, references to nautical and scholastic styles, 
showing some skin and embellishments." -Etsy

Mother's Day is celebrated in the UK

Easter season begins. Time for chocolate eggs, cute bunnies, pastel colors, etc!

International Earth Day and Earth Hour are celebrated in March. 
Time to be green! Well, we should try to be green always. 

Speaking of green, 
I made a project the other day with recycled binders.
The office where I work out throws away binders so I came up with the 
idea of turning them into key-chain holders!
Here's an example:

The weather is perfect for gardening and being outdoors!

A lot of weddings are celebrated in March

March's birthstone is Aquamarine. Well, turquoise 
is my favorite color, and aquamarine is not too different.
*sigh* they're both so refreshing :)

Anyway dears, I hope you enjoyed all this March loveliness...

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  1. okay, now I wish I was born in march, love the turquoise color, it's just so spring and happy

  2. I love the March loveliness, Spring time makes me very happy and so does this aquamarine!


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