Want to vote for Paulie?

Are you a pet owner?
Are you an animal-lover?
Are you someone who donates to animals often?
Well, today you can do it through the SpayDay 2010 photo contest!
If you often donate to animal organizations, then I invite you to do it here, just for this time!

I have a cockatiel named Paulie:

He is sweet and spoiled and funny!

He is also a bit quite mischievous. I took these pictures of him 
grabbing the fridge magnets and dropping them

Paulie is in the contest; there are two categories. One of them is based on the actual 
photos of your pet. I liked the idea, so I have more than one entry for that. 
The other one is the fundraiser, and the pet with more donations in his/her 
name wins. I know I'm not going to win that one, but I still think it's important 
to ask people to donate for animals :) so that is why I have this 
post today; it's dedicated to our pets! One day I want to have a dog again, 
but for now, I'm very content with my little rascal. 

Click here if you would like to vote/donate ($5 minimum):
Voting ends Thursday, March 4, at 10 p.m. EST


Thank you, guys (for donating or reading my post)


  1. He's so cute, and it's actually really funny how he is so tricky. :)

  2. ha.. he's so funny with that Mohawk haircut and looks so smart.. love the first two pics..

  3. thanks guys!
    Max, haha how funny you call it 'haircut'
    but all cockatiels have that little funny crest :)


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