Today is (or was since it's almost over!) my mom's birthday. 
I wanted to dedicate this post to her and tell her she deserves to have an amazing day with all the people who love her. She deserves that every day, actually. But today in particular. Thanks mom for giving me incredible values and always supporting me unconditionally. <3 We may have our arguments sometimes, but you know I love you a lot lot LOT.

The other day I went with her to a Restaurant. As you can imagine, I took some pictures there! Many of them involve my mom, so I wanted to share some here.

My mom's hands reflected on the table:

Her sneakers in nice contrast with the carpet.

Mommy enjoying her meal

The funniest thing happened that day! While my mom was eating; 
her hands got a little messy!
At one point, when my mom moved her hand, I saw what it 
appeared to be a little face
on her thumb. She agreed that it looked like a little guy. It was cute!
seems like he's tasting what's on his face.
Happy Birthday, mami! 

I'm getting sleepy now, lame :(

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  1. Ha ha how cute is that smiley face on your mom's thumb and I'm glad you have a nice relationship with your mom, me too. You two take adorable pictures together and I like the one blurry shot of your mom, it turned out great!


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