A Night At The Carnival

Why is it taking me so long to write about my weekends lately?
To whoever reads my blog; I hope you know that I will always write, 
even if sometimes it takes me days...
if one day I decide I can't dedicate enough time to it at all, I would let you know. :)

This past weekend my friend and I wanted to go to Austin Rodeo... a festival they have every year. But after some of the people who were going to go with us informed us they wouldn't be joining anymore, we spent a few hours trying to decide if we still wanted to go... at the end we did. And I'm glad!

Today I just wanted to post some of the pictures I took that day. It's funny 
how excited I get sometimes with photos of ordinary things like...
silhouettes of people with lights in the background
someone's jeans
a token machine... etc

I am still editing some of my pictures, but let me share these with you:

I do wish I had gotten there earlier to see Whiplash the cowboy monkey!!

But at least I had fun riding the ferris wheel and taking pictures :)
That's it for now! I'll show you some more later :P
Remember most of these are for sale at my Etsy shop.
Hasta pronto my dears


  1. beautiful pictures! i love looking at "ordinary" things in a new. :)

  2. stunning chica ... you've really captured the essence of the carnival! i love them.

  3. Oh I love the rodeo, it is so much fun, I used to go when I lived in CA. Glad you had a nice time! Have a great Easter weekend girl.

  4. Oops, when I lived in Utah. I live in CA, huh! Ha ha.


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