Oh, Sweets...

I love sweets. I don't think I'll ever be able to exclude them from my diet :) I believe that a person can eat anything they want as long as it's with moderation  and with some exercise included. Life is too short to live on restrictions!

Having said that, sometimes it is hard for me to limit the intake of sweets, and I can always come up with silly excuses to defend myself on that matter.

Let's review the past 5 months...
December: "Oh it's Christmas season... everyone indulges in hot beverages, panettone, casseroles, etc."
January: "It's officially Winter, I need some creamy lattes to keep me warm and happy :)..." and what better thing to have with that than a cookie or a brownie.
February: "It's still cold... and it's Valentines month, let's keep the sweets coming." "Let's go to Whole Foods!"
March: Birthdays and more birthdays this month! Perfect excuse to buy cakes and other pastries!

April: "Spring is here; it's so nice outside that we should go have some gelato!" "It's still a little chilly at night sometimes, coffee anyone?" 

Summer is around the corner, I can already taste those gelatos, bubble teas, cupcakes, and what not...

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  1. I am pretty sure that I have never tried gelato. :(

  2. Oh my gosh girl I love baba drinks. I love that we have that in common too. :) Sweets are yummy, but I am trying to stay far away from them to maintain my weight, lol. Gelato is sooo good and cupcakes of course are my favorite.


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