Mom, Blue Bonnets, and Me

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was great! I saw Elton John in 
concert this past Saturday; it was awesome 
(if the pictures from my cell phone are clear enough,
I'll share some later)! On Sunday I spent the day with my mom and one of our activities
was to go photograph some Blue Bonnets. Blue Bonnets are Texas' official flowers. 
Once spring is here, Blue Bonnets bloom all over! It's wonderful to be driving
and seeing "blankets" of them next to highways and all over suburbia :P

I need to take seeds of this flower when I go to Peru (more about that soon). 
I'm going to miss them sooo much.
Of course, not near as much as this important person:

(My mom is not convinced about her hair in the pictures because her highlights 
are fading... but I think she looks beautiful <3)

here's one she took of me:

What a lovely day. Hope your week started beautifully!

PS: I lost one reader! I wonder who it was. I knew this would happen eventually, as my writing habits are a little bit affected by this year's activities. But the truth, everyone, is that it might continue being a little bit unbalanced; however, I won't stop writing. My blog style might even change later in the year with an upcoming trip... and I might even start a Spanish [separate] blog (?) Who knows... I'll notify you of all of this when the time comes. But whoever decides to continue reading, thanks a lot for your patience and support :-) 

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  1. Cute pics of you and your mom! Don't take losing a reader to heart love, sometimes bloggers stop blogging or come and go. :) Have a great day!


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