Missing math (funny!)

It's Friday! I hope everyone's week has been a good one. I'm doing good, still at the office with the song 'Benny and the Jets' stuck in my head. I just love that man so much...
Anyway, today's post idea came to me when I logged on Facebook and saw that a friend had a funny math picture as her profile one. It reminded me that I do miss Math sometimes. Every time I do silly simple additions or subtractions in my head or when I use the calculator at the office, I go back to the times when I did math exercises way harder than those. I actually liked math... I always had great teachers, both in school and in college. I liked geometry and algebra the best. I still remember the first time I saw '(a+b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab+ b^2' I was sooo confused and mad to discover math also involved letters. But then I liked it. The only thing I don't miss at all is calculus... I can't even remember how to solve those problems. But anyway, I found these cool funny math pictures that will make you laugh and smile. Can you imagine being a teacher and finding some of these on the tests your students take? Hilarious! I thought it would be a good post for a Friday. Enjoy!

and a few silly equations:

(it's funny; I actually made this comment once and got that response)

Hope you're smiling. Have a great weekend everyone :)

images 1-5 found here
images 6-9 found via weheartit.com


  1. Great post! I too have a love for math - just about exactly the way you described it too! For a short while I considered majoring in math and started calc - totally and utterly confused and to this day don't know how I pulled out a B for one quarter and an A- for the other! Thanks for the math jokes too. :)

  2. Lol, these are funny, especially the Credit Card one and the Girls are Evil one, ha ha. I really don't get the rest, not very math minded but it's cool that you girl!

  3. funny but it still won't make me love math!


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