Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 6: Every time I eat m&m's...

February is not over yet, so I want to write something related to love :) 
It also has to do with m&m's (today I ate some and it reminded 
me that I wanted to share my cheesy story).
m&m's became special to me after the year 2001, right before my 
boyfriend Mauricio and I started dating. 

It was the year of 'quinceaƱeros' like we call them in 
Latin America (15th birthday celebration) when
my girlfriends and I couldn't wait to wear our formal dresses to one 
party after another. It was also the time
when Mauricio discovered he liked me and I discovered I liked him as well <3

Part of his 'flirting' strategy was bringing m&m's to me when 
we went to these parties as a group. 
I immediately knew, or someone may have helped me realize it, 
that what he wanted to imply was
m&m -- marcela & mauricio

So every time I eat them... I remember that <3 :)
Speaking of m&m's... have you ever become an m&m?
Yes, I know, you're like "what???"
but what I mean is...

 have you ever become an m&m?

Yep that's me :P, those are my freckles, that's my camera, 
those are my glasses, that's my brown hair!
And yes, I'm a bit random :P

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What the Winter Olympics should remind everyone...

Everytime I watch the Winter Olympics I hear stories of athletes who sometimes have 
all odds against them and yet they still manage to fight for their 
dream and achieve their goals. We should all be like them... 
It's impressive how far they go... many of them fracture a bone, 
undergo a lot of physical pain, and then they're told by doctors that they should forget about training. And what do they do? They just go back for the gold medal. 

Some of them don't get hurt, but they do really bad in a competition and that inspires 
them to come back and show everyone that they can do much better, that they too can be champions. So, I really want to learn from those 
athletes and apply their passion to whatever mine are. 

Everytime we 'fall' we have to stand up up again :) ... 

Hope your weeks have started well! I've got more to tell you! I'll be back later!

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A Little Greeting

Happy Birthday to my cousin Melany! 
Primita I know you'll see this... hope you're 
having an amazing time :)

Week Goals Update// One Night of Queen

Hi lovely people!

Remember my goals from Monday? Let's review them together and see the results...

- write back to at least two people whom I owe e-mails to:  Yes! I have; I wrote back to more than 3 people. I am not the best e-mail responder so this felt good.

- not get back into bed with the alarm clock (my cell phone) in my hands:  Partly fulfilled. It has been cold these last mornings so I wanted to get back in bed immediately... but I did manage to stay awake and get out shortly after.

- read more pages from my current book: You bet! I've read more... I'm reading The Lovely Bones.

- ignore the guy that passes everyday with his extremely loud motorcycle in front of my office: hmmmm I haven't heard him lately... just once. I did get a little annoy still.

 - go to the gym: Ok, failed. But I have excuses again!! Had to meet a friend on Monday, went back home late on Tuesday, and yesterday was One Night of Queen!!!

I had a lot of fun, guys. I told my friend we needed to pretend we were back in the 70s/80s and going to a real Queen concert. We might have been two of the few people in the mezzanine who sang to the top of their lungs yesterday and screamed all night long, but we were told that we were 'inspiring' by a couple sitting near us. The One Night of Queen tribute is performed by Gary Mullen & The Works. You know what? If there is one person in this planet who can move, talk, walk, act, and sing very similar to Freddie, it's him. Unbelievable... he must have watched millions of Queen's concerts and documentaries because I heard/saw many things I remember having watched before... he could probably be in a Queen movie. From were our seats were--not to close not too far-- I decided to go back in time and pretended the real Freddie was on stage. Anyway, before you decide to stop following me because I talk too much about Queen, I'll leave you with some pictures of me and my friend preparing for the concert:

(yes I'm wearing a fake mustache!)

A love note and goals for tomorrow

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was great; I saw my cousin, saw my friends, cooked with my mom, watched the winter olympics, and relaxed. It was neat.  I  hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day in company of your sweeties and/or friends. 

I want to leave a message in here for my Valentine. His name is Mauricio. As some of you may know, he lives in Peru ( I don't put many pictures of him here because he's one of those personal-life-privacy fanatics. I try to be obedient :P). He does visit my blog often. Next time he reads it, he'll find a little love note... 

Have you heard the saying "Absence is to love as wind to flame, it extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong"?
I believe in it. Just wanted to tell him I love him and that the sacrifice we've made for nearly 6 years, I feel, is going to be worth it. :)  I'm so thankful for having him in my life <3 even with 5000 miles between us.

Ok, and now I need to write something and make myself do it! For example, I've been skipping the gym lately since before the holidays using excuse after excuse, one of them being the cold weather.  Go back to the gym Marcela! Image above depicts it all very well... sweets, coffee, daydreaming, all except exercise. I also need to be a better e-mail responder. Let's just see what my short-term goals, more specifically tomorrow ones, are:
- going to the gym
- writing back to at least two people whom I owe e-mails to
- not get back into bed with the alarm clock (my cell phone) in my hands
- read more pages from my current book
- ignore the guy that passes everyday with his extremely loud motorcycle in front of my office 
That's all for now. :) I'll let you do if I improve in anything else!

See you tomorrow loves...

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Fabulous Friday: Not for Jason

This week I actually want to dedicate a 'fabulous Friday' type of post to Love. 
But I want to do it cute and all. So I will try my best to have it by tomorrow.
Right now I have to meet my cousin, 
whom I haven't seen in a while! Prima I'll be there shortly!
My days have been filled with smiles 
and I want to tell you why soon... just simple things. 
That's how it should be though... be happy by noticing the simple 
beautiful things around.

Anyway, you're probably wondering about the title. Well, here it goes. I am not sure who created it, but I came across it and I think it's 'cute.' 

I actually found it in December or November. I told my friend "I 
have to find a Friday 12th on the calendar next year!!" he said "oh you probably 
won't remember to  put the picture on..."
So, to Dustin, who's in France having a great time, I remembered!! :P

Have a wonderful Friday dears!

'The kayak man' and some news

Hi dears :)
I'm sick. Yesterday I went to bed feeling a little congested, but it became worse at night. 
I woke up like three times to clear my nosey and throaty. My boss told me to 
stay home today and rest. I think my inner-self was really hoping I would receive 
that suggestion. One actually needs those days once in a while. 

I haven't posted pictures in a while! But first I have three things to say in terms 
of photography :)
# 1: I had my second Etsy sale!! I know... such a small number. But really guys, 
it makes me happy. Etsy, to me, is only the first step in realizing 
whether it is possible to make people love your images. 
Two sales is enough, for now, to know that. 

#2: I finally made a Facebook fan page! I would love 
it if you joined! It's still under construction, as I only 
have a few pictures, but I will be adding more and more.

#3: A very sweet person wrote about my pictures on her blog. I loved what she wrote, 
and I felt truly honored to be chosen for that post 
out of so many wonderful artists on Etsy. 

Today I'm going to show you pictures I took of a man kayaking two weekends ago. 
As soon as I saw him approaching I started clicking that shutter button! 
He just smiled, talked to my friends and I for a few seconds, and then 
continued his 'journey.' Since all of these pictures happened so close in 
time to each other, I could only think of simple names such as:

'Here comes the kayak man'

'There goes the kayak man'

'I can see the kayak man'

'Witness Of A Magical Journey'

Untitled (any ideas?)

and this is one from that same day called "Dancing for the clouds" 
Have a wonderful afternoon kidos.


In view that many people are posting their 'doppelganger' pictures 
on facebook as well as on blogs, I thought I
would do something similar here. I often compare facial features of people 
to those of celebrities anyway. 
Here are a few things I wanted to show you today... first, the closest 
matches for myself:

Remember Alex Mack? My dad said one day "look Marcelita, she looks like you..."
And maybe I sort of did when I was younger. Larisa Oleynik

Will I look like that at her age? I wouldn't mind :)
That is Holly Hunter. I don't think I've seen any of her films yet.

I do know someone who looks a lot like a celebrity. 
In fact, he looks a lot like two celebrities morphed.
My boyfriend. He looks like a mix of Paul McCartney and Jim Sturgess (first picture). 
He's my peruvian Beatle.

And do you know anyone who looks like an animated character? I do!
When I saw the film 'Up,' which by the way is very beautiful, I couldn't help but to
think of my grandpa the whole time. Not just because they have the same chin, nose, glasses (my grandpa has them on his hands), and peculiar head, but also the cute grumpiness, the adorable pants, and most importantly, the love they have for their wife. 
I gave my grandpa a mug with that drawing above... the real 'Up' character has hair; 
I edited mine in Photoshop.

That's all the dopplegangers I wanted to show you dears.
xoxo ~*~ Marcela

Nite Nite

Hello pretty people! I wanted to post something about dopplegangers today but
forgot one important picture at my office, so I guess it will be tomorrow.
I also have pictures to show you from the weekend! But today... today I only wanted to
say goodnight. I am going to bed now. Sweet dreams to all of you, and
have a lovely day in case you're in an area of the world where it's already morning.
I'll leave you with a picture that makes me smile (and laugh a little bit too). 
I love silly dog costumes.
See you tomorrow!


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