What the Winter Olympics should remind everyone...

Everytime I watch the Winter Olympics I hear stories of athletes who sometimes have 
all odds against them and yet they still manage to fight for their 
dream and achieve their goals. We should all be like them... 
It's impressive how far they go... many of them fracture a bone, 
undergo a lot of physical pain, and then they're told by doctors that they should forget about training. And what do they do? They just go back for the gold medal. 

Some of them don't get hurt, but they do really bad in a competition and that inspires 
them to come back and show everyone that they can do much better, that they too can be champions. So, I really want to learn from those 
athletes and apply their passion to whatever mine are. 

Everytime we 'fall' we have to stand up up again :) ... 

Hope your weeks have started well! I've got more to tell you! I'll be back later!

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  1. Failure is the pillar of success. We know it. After watching the guy's in winter Olympics we realize that. There fight and performance really inspiring. Watch the beautiful show of the earth in Dish


  2. Yes, they definitely teach us endurance and to get up and try again! I couldn't agree more. :)


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