Fabulous Friday: Not for Jason

This week I actually want to dedicate a 'fabulous Friday' type of post to Love. 
But I want to do it cute and all. So I will try my best to have it by tomorrow.
Right now I have to meet my cousin, 
whom I haven't seen in a while! Prima I'll be there shortly!
My days have been filled with smiles 
and I want to tell you why soon... just simple things. 
That's how it should be though... be happy by noticing the simple 
beautiful things around.

Anyway, you're probably wondering about the title. Well, here it goes. I am not sure who created it, but I came across it and I think it's 'cute.' 

I actually found it in December or November. I told my friend "I 
have to find a Friday 12th on the calendar next year!!" he said "oh you probably 
won't remember to  put the picture on..."
So, to Dustin, who's in France having a great time, I remembered!! :P

Have a wonderful Friday dears!


  1. Well... hello señourita!

  2. haha the picture is funny. i want to save it now for the next fri the 12th :)


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