Week Goals Update// One Night of Queen

Hi lovely people!

Remember my goals from Monday? Let's review them together and see the results...

- write back to at least two people whom I owe e-mails to:  Yes! I have; I wrote back to more than 3 people. I am not the best e-mail responder so this felt good.

- not get back into bed with the alarm clock (my cell phone) in my hands:  Partly fulfilled. It has been cold these last mornings so I wanted to get back in bed immediately... but I did manage to stay awake and get out shortly after.

- read more pages from my current book: You bet! I've read more... I'm reading The Lovely Bones.

- ignore the guy that passes everyday with his extremely loud motorcycle in front of my office: hmmmm I haven't heard him lately... just once. I did get a little annoy still.

 - go to the gym: Ok, failed. But I have excuses again!! Had to meet a friend on Monday, went back home late on Tuesday, and yesterday was One Night of Queen!!!

I had a lot of fun, guys. I told my friend we needed to pretend we were back in the 70s/80s and going to a real Queen concert. We might have been two of the few people in the mezzanine who sang to the top of their lungs yesterday and screamed all night long, but we were told that we were 'inspiring' by a couple sitting near us. The One Night of Queen tribute is performed by Gary Mullen & The Works. You know what? If there is one person in this planet who can move, talk, walk, act, and sing very similar to Freddie, it's him. Unbelievable... he must have watched millions of Queen's concerts and documentaries because I heard/saw many things I remember having watched before... he could probably be in a Queen movie. From were our seats were--not to close not too far-- I decided to go back in time and pretended the real Freddie was on stage. Anyway, before you decide to stop following me because I talk too much about Queen, I'll leave you with some pictures of me and my friend preparing for the concert:

(yes I'm wearing a fake mustache!)

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  1. You can do it! I need to get my butt in gear and go to the gym and also finish my book Dear John. Lets do it girl!


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