In view that many people are posting their 'doppelganger' pictures 
on facebook as well as on blogs, I thought I
would do something similar here. I often compare facial features of people 
to those of celebrities anyway. 
Here are a few things I wanted to show you today... first, the closest 
matches for myself:

Remember Alex Mack? My dad said one day "look Marcelita, she looks like you..."
And maybe I sort of did when I was younger. Larisa Oleynik

Will I look like that at her age? I wouldn't mind :)
That is Holly Hunter. I don't think I've seen any of her films yet.

I do know someone who looks a lot like a celebrity. 
In fact, he looks a lot like two celebrities morphed.
My boyfriend. He looks like a mix of Paul McCartney and Jim Sturgess (first picture). 
He's my peruvian Beatle.

And do you know anyone who looks like an animated character? I do!
When I saw the film 'Up,' which by the way is very beautiful, I couldn't help but to
think of my grandpa the whole time. Not just because they have the same chin, nose, glasses (my grandpa has them on his hands), and peculiar head, but also the cute grumpiness, the adorable pants, and most importantly, the love they have for their wife. 
I gave my grandpa a mug with that drawing above... the real 'Up' character has hair; 
I edited mine in Photoshop.

That's all the dopplegangers I wanted to show you dears.
xoxo ~*~ Marcela


  1. I think it's the nose that make you look like those two women, interesting to see and compare

  2. Wow you do look like these actresses and how cut is your boyfriend! ha ha he totally looks like The Beatle's dude too. ;) Your grandpa is adorable too, love it!

  3. Hey darlin thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on my blog. Glad I could help a little that one day, I hope you are having a wonderful week! :) Hugs back to you!


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