'The kayak man' and some news

Hi dears :)
I'm sick. Yesterday I went to bed feeling a little congested, but it became worse at night. 
I woke up like three times to clear my nosey and throaty. My boss told me to 
stay home today and rest. I think my inner-self was really hoping I would receive 
that suggestion. One actually needs those days once in a while. 

I haven't posted pictures in a while! But first I have three things to say in terms 
of photography :)
# 1: I had my second Etsy sale!! I know... such a small number. But really guys, 
it makes me happy. Etsy, to me, is only the first step in realizing 
whether it is possible to make people love your images. 
Two sales is enough, for now, to know that. 

#2: I finally made a Facebook fan page! I would love 
it if you joined! It's still under construction, as I only 
have a few pictures, but I will be adding more and more.

#3: A very sweet person wrote about my pictures on her blog. I loved what she wrote, 
and I felt truly honored to be chosen for that post 
out of so many wonderful artists on Etsy. 

Today I'm going to show you pictures I took of a man kayaking two weekends ago. 
As soon as I saw him approaching I started clicking that shutter button! 
He just smiled, talked to my friends and I for a few seconds, and then 
continued his 'journey.' Since all of these pictures happened so close in 
time to each other, I could only think of simple names such as:

'Here comes the kayak man'

'There goes the kayak man'

'I can see the kayak man'

'Witness Of A Magical Journey'

Untitled (any ideas?)

and this is one from that same day called "Dancing for the clouds" 
Have a wonderful afternoon kidos.


  1. I don't know much about your work yet. As a matter of fact, I will visit your Etsy store later, and definitely join your fan page. Good luck with your projects, I know how it feels to have a 'new baby'!

  2. prima! i just got sucked into your blog--it's great. congrats on getting everything going like this. your pictures are looking great.

    ps: so, people say we're very alike and to further confirm that notion--when i read this last post i just laughed and shook my head because, of course, i'm sick too. same thing nose/throat/congestion AND my boss told me to go home early yesterday!

    anyway, wishing you all the very best with this great outlet! and when we get together we shall have much to discuss because i think we're both on the same crazy-train to confusion-ville!


  3. oops sorry, it's been a LONG time since i've posted on a blog...that last one is from me.

    if you couldn't already tell. hah

  4. Beautiful photos and I just became a fan on your facebook page, yipee! Glad you are getting more sales and I hope you have a fantastic weekend sweetie!

  5. even 2 Etsy sells counts as a reason to celebrate, so congrats! and great pics of the kayak man


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