Christmas (and Panettone) Lover

I don't want to sound too repetitive, but I am one of those people who's favorite holiday is also Christmas. I don't care about crowded places or congested roads... I love Christmas season, I like singing the songs, I smile when I hear the first Christmas song on the radio (which hasn't happened yet), I adore Santa, I love how colorful everything becomes, etc. But there is one particular thing I am completely obsessed with...


It surprises me when people don't know what this is; I guess it's because here in the US it is not too much of a tradition. The other day I was desperately looking for one. The guy at CVS looked at me a little confused, until I said "a bread... a sweet bread they make for Christmas." Luckily Walgreens had some :) And hey, they have Panettone in several other stores... so I am sure many of you know what I'm talking about. Here is a Wikipedia definition for those of you who right now are thinking "what on earth is that?": Panettone is a typical bread of Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year around Italy, and one of the symbols of the city. 

Anyway, continuing with the post... let me introduce you to the most delicious Panettone in the world: Panetón Donofrio

Guys, I am not exaggerating, please believe me. Also, I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that Donofrio is from Peru :D Seriously... it's the best panettone. Even the box is amazing. I just found out that they sell it at a store here in Austin and I have decided that, since life has given us that opportunity, we need to buy at least 5 before the end of the year :)

 Look at that delicious thing...

The other day, a friend wrote me a text message while I was driving. It was an invitation for hot chocolate and Panetón Donofrio. I had no other choice than saying: yes!!!!!!! Do you know what it feels like to have a piece of Donofrio after more than a year? (maybe even two; last Christmas we had another brand I think). It's... ahhhh... wonderful. Anyway, just after a few minutes the Panetón looked like this:

(the head is gone)

There is a reason why my friend gave me the nickname "panettone's nightmare." If you have an international market near home, I recommend you go buy that this Christmas :)

image 1


  1. Hi love, thanks for your sweet comment as always! I have never heard of this bread until now, but I agree, it looks really good! How fun too that your friend invited you for some yummy Panettone bread as well! I love Christmas, so much to look forward too! Happy weekend. XO!

  2. The chocolate chip one is very nice too.

  3. Yes it is very good I promise! :)
    And Leetid, the chocolate chip one, yes indeed. Although I must say that the regular one without anything on it (some people put some butter) is my absolute favorite!!

  4. Paneton D'Onofrio is absolutely the BEST in the whole world... yummy... I can't wait to get my own! =D
    Nice post by the way!

  5. Great news - Fiesta Mart in Austin, Houston and Dallas carry a wide range of Panettone and Paneton including your favorite!

  6. You can buy it online at any time of year, donofrio is my favorite too!

  7. Your right Donofrio is the best.They sell them at Fiesta grocery stores in Austin.They have stacks and stacks of them.My family buys them every year but it is a Christmas tradition for us becase we are Peruvians.


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