What if... Wednesdays: Mythical Creatures

You know those amazing stories when you were little, full of magical places 
and mythical characters? What if they were real? What if you were 
by yourself one day and saw a mermaid, or a fairy, or a dragon. 
I always wonder how the people who wrote about these creatures got
 the inspiration for them... were did they all come from?

 The mythical world is wonderful; there are times when I wish
 some of those characters could exist; I mean nature is incredibly magical too, 
but how awesome would it be if you could say "today I am going to go 
walking in the woods, I hope I see a fairy."  People would hope to come 
across one of those magical creatures all their lives, 
and only the lucky ones would see them!

Any one you particularly like? I think I'd love it if there were unicorns. 
I like horses! so imagine an angelic one with wings and a horn.
 Maybe just the horn... but how beautiful they would be, right? 

And what if mermaids existed? They could take you to 
the most secret and beautiful places under the sea :)

Fairies... or a fairy godmother like Cinderella! 
At least butterflies look a little like them :)

*sigh* imagination is so wonderful

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  1. Imagination is wonderful! I think real fariygodmothers would be the best. When you're in a tough spot, she would appear and bippityboppityboo to help you pick yourself up again!

  2. how wonderful:)
    btw, I tried to leave a comment on your photography blog but I was unable to scroll down to enter the word verification:(

  3. Wow, love this post!
    How, I wish.

  4. Heidi, yeah, it's a tough decision! :) Fairies would also comfort us during our blue moments.
    Everyone, glad you liked this post :)


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