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Last Friday ended happily; Miss Moose surprised me with a 'One Lovely Blog' award.  I was very glad when I read that because it's the first award I've been given... there is always something special about 'first' things. So the rule is to pass it on to 15 lovely bloggers! I am sure some of the bloggers I will mention have probably received this award already, but I think they deserve it... besides who says you can't receive it two times!

No particular order:

1) I'd like to say hello to Alpha Buttonpusher (I absolutely love that alias) from Simplify. Her blog is always inspiring... she will always find amazing quotes/poems and pair them with moving images. It's like a little magical corner in the blogosphere.

2) Katie from Color Me Katie is probably busy reading the hundreds of comments she gets, but once she gets to the one I'll post on her blog soon, she'll know that there is a little award for her here. Her blog is pure creativeness! She gets inspired so quickly, so randomly, so magically... and every one of her posts makes you smile from ear to ear.

3) It's always nice to check what Michelle from Oh, Mishka has to say... whether it's some Monday inspiration, thankful thoughts, ideas for the weekend, or any other of her cute posts. She's one of the first bloggers I started following, and her site has helped me get inspiration for my own post-ideas.

4) Hi Sierra! from Ocean Dreams. She is probably going to see this soon because she is one of those lovely visitors I'm lucky to have. When I found her blog, I was instantly delighted by the theme Ocean Dreams... and when I saw her side bar with words like true love, music, interiors, Disney, fairytale... I knew I had to follow her. I'm glad I did because she's also a very sweet person.

5) Nicole from My Teacups in Peony, who doesn't know her? I always enjoy reading her blog. She has this amazing section called "Love Stories" which I am sure you'll love to read. She also introduces us to other awesome bloggers all the time by having them as guest writers. I don't know her but she seems to be a cool person too!

6) I mentioned the Missed Connections blog from Sophie Blackall the other day. I can't wait for her next post... a beautiful piece of art inspired by the Missed Connections sections on Craigslist. Sophie also answered an e-mail I sent to her, with lovely words on how to improve as an artist. Thanks Sophie, this award is for you!

7) Mart & Lu from Teddy Loves Lu Loves Teddy. Just visit their main site and notice how cute they are... this is also a blog that makes me smile. One of the reasons I probably like it is because they also write about finding joy in the simple things in life. Aside of that, there are lovely pictures, fun how-to's, and cheerful messages all over.

8) Nina from Naturally Nina. There is a reason why all her readers seem to connect with her... Nina is very simple and... natural! I don't want to sound too repetitive, but her posts are always cute too! She's shares one of the most important journeys of life with us: being engaged and getting married. Along with that, I visit her site to see what she has to say about the world's simple pleasures.

9) Toni from Little Suitcase always writes posts that leave you thinking and that make you appreciate something different every day. I recommend her '30 ways to make your life more beautiful.' Everyone could use those wonderful advices.

10) Jennifer! a.k.a The Novelista Barista... she's cool because she's an aries like me :) (kidding) Jennifer has a section in her blog similar to Nicole's 'Love Stories' but hers are "The Broken Hearts Files." She's one of those ladies that always interact with her readers through comments as well as posts like Interactive Thursdays. In fact, I found her because I used to see her name everywhere! Every blog I visited had a comment by Novelista Barista.

11) The Spohrs Are Multiplying. I can't skip any of Heather's posts. This is a different type of blog from all others ones in this list. This is a mother's blog, a mother that lost one child and who is trying to find strength to raise her new baby on the way. All her posts are filled with love, and many times they make you cry. All her readers have learned to love not only her, but her angel Madeline, her husband Mike, her puppy Rigby, and the new princess on the way currently known as Binky. More than cute, her blog is touching...

12) Heidi from Word Gardening, the girl that gives sweet comments to many bloggers. I like reading about her life and waiting for the next quote she'll come up with. She also has very mature opinions on different subjects. Thanks Heidi for being the top commenter on this blog! hehe

13) I found Janice from J thanks to Heidi. I love the images she uses and what she tells us about life. She's just an ordinary person like many of us, and many times blogs like hers are the ones you enjoy more. She was having a difficult day earlier so I hope this cheers her up!

14) City of Dionne. An amazing aspect about Dionne's blog is that she draws an illustration for every post!-- at least that's what I see so far. But her blog is special for many other reasons; she constantly makes us go back in time with cute posts like "nursery rhyme giveaway' or 'mixed tapes.' I also find I have many things in common with her, especially since she's so positive about things like candy, breakfast, and dessert. :)

15) Whitney from A Cheery Disposition, who probably has this award already. I'm giving it to her again because she's just sweet... thanks for making our dashboards more entertaining with stories about you and your guitar hero, about the things that inspire you, about your fun weekends, and more. Your bubbly personality is always refreshing.

There are many other amazing bloggers out there, but today I tried to include some that are not well known yet and that deserve the award. And wow, that took more time than I thought.  I guess I'll write more about my weekend and stuff tomorrow :) Hope you have a very joyful start of the week!


  1. Marcela, you are so sweet. I love how genuine you are. Thanks so much for the award. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, its been super crazy for me. I will be back to catch up more on your blog soon. XOXO!

  2. Thank you so much Marcela! You made my day.
    I also read Heather Spohr. The first and last blog I read every day. I can't find the words to describe how I feel about Heather. Inspiring just doesn't do her enough justice. What a woman.
    Marcela you are so lovely. Thank you so much for the sweet words.

  3. aw, thank you! that little shout out was so sweet. im in love with sierra, whitney, dionne, julia from mart and lu, nina and jennifer! what great choices! ill have to check the rest of them out, they all look lovely. thanks again hun, xoo!

  4. thank you!
    i'm feeling much much better today
    thank you lovely


  5. awe thanks lady!!!!!! that was soooo nice of uUuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) aries are ballers!!!! :)

  6. Yay!

    First I would like to thank the Academy...

    LOL. Thanks so much for this, I appreciate it, hun! It's always nice to read a post that uplifts others in the blogosphere, instead of those that tear others down.

  7. Thanks a bunch Marcela! I hope to post about this over the weekend some time! :)


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