What if... Wednesdays: Dream Travel

Oh yess... what if you were given the chance of traveling aboard any 
method of transportation (to various places, not relevant in this case) with some 
friends & family... what would you choose? 
It could be a private & luxurious jet plane, a yacht, 

a ship, a train, or anything.

Well, my brother showed me this gigantic ship called 
"Oasis Of The Seas," which is now the world's
largest cruise ship. I've always wanted to travel by ship...

but despite the impressive architecture of that floating paradise... I think I would prefer this:

Yes, I've always had an obsession for Titanic. After watching the movie, 
I fell in love with the ship. Part of
the reason were its chimneys, the sounds they made, the ship's shape. All so romantic. 

I read in a magazine that they would construct another Titanic by 2002... but given
that it is now 2009 and there is no Titanic,  I must forget about my little fantasy. I guess
the Oasis Of The Seas wouldn't be too bad :)  
Thanks for dreaming with me every Wednesday!

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  1. I'm going to say the Hogwarts Express. I've never been on a train before, and that cart lady with magical goodies such as pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs? OH YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAhh....

  2. I went on one cruise my Senior year of college and it was a blast and I didn't get sea sick, yay! You should definitely do it and it would be sooo cool if they rebuilt the Titanic, seriously. A private jet would also be fun or a cozy trail, I guess I just love to travel no matter what!

  3. You girls are the top commenters here and you always make me smile :) Thank you!


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