What if... Wednesdays: Choose a year

What if you had the chance of living one day in any year in history? Which one would you choose, where, and why? I actually can't be 100% sure of what I would pick (80s are very tempting!) but for this post I'm going to choose...

Late 1950s (probably USA). Yes... there is something about the 50s I love... I am not sure whether it's the way women were (or at least how they are portrayed... more feminine)...

... always using peculiar skirts, shoes, hairstyles, and of course-- let's not forget-- cute bathing suits!

Or was it the cars they had and how romantic they seem in movies?

Oh, here's a good reason:  my dear Elvis

Yes, music indeed is a big factor... I grew up listening to my parents' oldies collection, so I love oldies! And I wish I could find more places where I could go and dance twist, rock & roll, or even just a nice ballad. It seems nowadays a lot of  people just want to drink while listening to rap and hip hop in the background. Goodness gracious great balls of fire! 
Anyway, so many things I could enjoy in that one day... and there would be no cell phones or ipods taking away people's attention, no internet either, just a day full of interaction, picture taking on my part (I would take a good 2009 camera), a little romanticism, and dancing for sure!

Psspss, a little note: please don't take this silly 'what if' as me not liking the year I live in. I love it, I just like to imagine what other times were like :) 'Til next time lovely readers!


  1. ahhhh pictures like this make me wsh i could go back in time!

  2. hey!!!! good call on the aries part u were so very right!!!!!! :) :)
    sooo true about the aries thing though... it really does show in some people!

  3. The 50's would definitely be fun but so would the western years in the 1800's! I would love to go back to that era even though they experiences hardships. I love all of the outfits from the 50's, very vintage and pretty!

  4. Wow 1800s is quite a jump :) but very interesting!
    Haha I enjoy talking about these things as if I could actually do them...


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