I'm Back!

I didn't go anywhere, but I haven't blogged these past few days because I've been doing one thing after another. How was your thanksgiving? I hope you all had lovely times with your families and lots of yummy food! Today I'm just going to make a list of the highlights of these days. There are plenty of little reasons to smile and also plenty of ones to be thankful for! (I'm not trying to write a late-Thanksgiving post; one can should be thankful all year round!
  • On Wednesday night, a friend and I went to Ihop and had fun conversations. It was a nice way to start the long weekend. 
  • On Thursday, my family and I went to lunch at this restaurant we like downtown called Carmelo's. They had a Thanksgiving special, and almost all of us ordered it. Then me and my brother shared a Creme Brulee.  Yummy!
  • That same night, I ate some more turkey, rice, potato salad, and dessert at a friend's house. 
  • On Friday, I finished the wood project I mentioned last week! (see below).

  • On Friday, my mom and I checked out some stores for sales. I just bought a shirt and a hat, and my mom bought me a cute yellow coat at Arttie's (a store I love)!

  • We also had a nice sushi dinner and rented My Sister's Keeper. My mom fell asleep :s but she woke up on time to see the ending!
  • On Saturday, I had my first Etsy sale! I was really really really really excited! The first buyer at my shop was going to have a free print; but I was so happy that I sent her two sizes of the extra picture she wanted.
  • On Saturday, I saw my cousins after several months; one of them lives in Minnesotta so it was nice to see her. All of us played Charades and Apples to Apples. Fun!
  • On Sunday, my mom and I decorated the house with Christmas stuff! We still need to do the outside. 
  • Today I listened to radio and was happy to hear one of my favorite Christmas songs 'Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.' Radio this time a year makes me smile all the time...

  • Today some dummy in front of me backed up and hit my bumper at a stop light; nothing happened to my car :)
  • Tomorrow an awesome month begins. 


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