2 Office & 4 Christmas Tree

Don't autumn leafs always give a pleasant feel to images?

really... no matter what you're photographing
(next week, pictures inside my office)

At my house: Christmas Trees are magical, period

I only have close-ups to show you this time

Sometimes I wish my house was always this sparkly

What color does your tree have? My parents like red, green, and golden tones for it. I
never get to buy all those cool colored ornaments they have at the stores!
So one day I want to have a Christmas Tree with turquoise tones along with
whatever my husband's favorite color is. :)


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  1. Marcela your new pictures are so festive and your new profile pic is so super cute! I had no idea that you liked to crochet too, how fun! I want to see your creations sometime. Have a great night hun! XO!


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