Things that make me smile automatically :)

These are based on the past few days:
When I see an old Volkswagen

Toy Poodles jumping like asking you to carry them

Doorknobs that remind me of the one from Alice in Wonderland

When Paulie looks at me from the kitchen lamp

Cute coffee-lover necklaces

Clever designs, like these piggy-shaped earphones!

 Christmas-overly-decorated houses. More like an amazed-smile... and then I think of the energy spent, yikes

When I realize a store sells Panettone;
 even more if I see Donofrio! 
the smile turns into a Panettone-in-the-bag

I could go probably on and on... but now it's
 your turn to tell me a 
few things that have made you smile lately :) 

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  1. Oh my gosh those piggies, doggie, car, and YOU are making me smile right now!


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