Weekend & Snowflakes Cont.

Hellooooooo!! How are you dears?

My weekend went by so fast! I spent most of it
 painting the t.v room at home with my mom.
Instead of the boring white, two of the walls now have a
 very nice smoky-blue, as I like to call it. 
Later (Saturday) my friends and I went to a sushi restaurant called 'Piranha Killer Sushi' to try it out. It was amazing!!! The price wasn't bad at all; they had happy hour, and we certainly took advantage :) 
These are two pictures my friend took:

me with my mouth full making a face like saying "yuc" but actually I was kind of saying "yeah!?!!!"

... and look at my delicious dessert. A-ma-zing!!! I think I could declare it the best chocolate mousse in town.

Alrighty, enough indulgance. Let me show you the rice-paper 
snowflakes I made today! 
This time I scanned them because we are going to create 
an electronic greeting card. 

And hey, remember I wanted to make the Seahorse one? Well... Ta-daaa

Good! but remember how the original from the tutorial had a fish? 

well, I accidentally killed it with my scissors :(

HOWEVEEEER!!!! I'm not done yet. I may not have a fish... but my design ended up with a little crab instead (purely accidental too):

So yaaaay, no need to make another one. [Yep I did the eyes
with Photoshop since I forgot to cut them! 
That's why you don't see them here] 

Have a lovely start of the week!


  1. That chocolate mousse looks amaaaazing!

  2. Great painting! You are really a very good designer.........


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