Little Note

Hi all!!

I am sorry I've been so absent! Too much going on (and boyfriend here from Peru!), but as promised, I will return soon! And if I can, I will post something later! Kisses for all!

At The Office

Hi! Oh, and welcome new followers :)  (albarbou, Rhianna, sweetwyo, Zhan Hunter, Jade)
I am going to start acknowledging you like this because I really liked it when another blogger did that for me and others. Thanks for adding me to your dashboard's reading list!
These are pictures from inside my office. I love photographing ordinary spaces or objects and trying to make them look more interesting and pretty.

Quick Hello

Hey everyone,

Wow this month has been hectic. I haven't been able to blog as much as I like. I think I will get back to my normal rhythm once the holidays are over. Oh but I will post a selection of pictures I want to show you later when I get home. There are a couple of interesting things to mention:

- my boyfriend is going to come see me for New Years (from Peru!)-- I'm so excited
- one of my best friends got a puppy. He also lives close to me so I will be able to see it often and play with it. I miss having a dog, and I haven't been at the shelter for volunteering lately :( 

- I won my first giveaway!! I never win anything! So I was very excited when Rhianne from For The Easily Distracted told me I had won a pair of earrings with a matching hairpin from Nicole Addison's lovely shop. :) Thank you both!

- I participated in a bloggers' Secret Santa gift exchange and already received mine. It was lovely to be part of that. More about it soon!
- I have absolutely no idea what I'll do for New Years, but my boyfriend will be with me, so I don't care!
- My boss let me borrow his old Nikon film camera (70s-80s...) and it's so exciting to take pictures with it without knowing how they will turn out.

- We had a nice office-lunch today, as Christmas celebration.
- Before going to that lunch I tripped while walking to my car. We don't have smooth asphalt outside. We have a rough parking lot. My pants teared open; they are stapled right now. I hit my knee, I scratched my foot and my elbow. Not good. I do think I probably looked funny while in the air.

Anyway, that's all going on right now. I guess this wasn't just a quick hello :)
Thanks for reading, lovelies.

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The Sparkly Teddy Bear

Yesterday I grabbed one of my favorite stuffed toys and took a few pictures. I was also trying to accomplish a bokeh effect (you know, those nice blurry circles in the background), so I included them here as well. I've decided that for the weekly picture selection, I will do it anyday, not necessarily Tuesday. Sometimes I want to show you something and don't want to wait "until the day comes." Anyway, here they are:

(Teddy did not want to pose anymore)

Another Award!

I recently received another blog award (the Happy 101) from Claire at In Transit. I already thanked her but I thank her again; I love those things! This award comes with rules that I like:

List ten things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag ten bloggers that brighten your day. Link back to the blog that gave you the award

So, dears, here are 10 things that make me happy (no particular order):

1. My daily yummy hot fresh latte in the morning when I get to the office.

2. When my dad arrives every couple of months and we all catch up (he currently works in my home country).
3. Family time, always. The more the better.

4. Listening to Queen in my car and singing out loud.
5. Doing simple things with friends and laughing 'til we cry.
6. Traveling. Experiencing a different culture as best as I can. 

7. Visiting Peru and seeing family, my dear boyfriend, friends, etc.
8. Coming home and getting cozy when the weather is bad, the day has been tough, or after I have been absent for some time. Getting cozy with my <3 counts too :)

(nope, not my house)
9. Photography. Taking pictures and then seeing reactions to them.  Also viewing them on my screen for the first time and noticing people's emotions.

10. The beach, the mountains, any kind of getaway. I love getting inspired by Nature.

Here are 10 of my favorite blogs (no order either). Enjoy!
Children of the 90s
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Weekend & Snowflakes Cont.

Hellooooooo!! How are you dears?

My weekend went by so fast! I spent most of it
 painting the t.v room at home with my mom.
Instead of the boring white, two of the walls now have a
 very nice smoky-blue, as I like to call it. 
Later (Saturday) my friends and I went to a sushi restaurant called 'Piranha Killer Sushi' to try it out. It was amazing!!! The price wasn't bad at all; they had happy hour, and we certainly took advantage :) 
These are two pictures my friend took:

me with my mouth full making a face like saying "yuc" but actually I was kind of saying "yeah!?!!!"

... and look at my delicious dessert. A-ma-zing!!! I think I could declare it the best chocolate mousse in town.

Alrighty, enough indulgance. Let me show you the rice-paper 
snowflakes I made today! 
This time I scanned them because we are going to create 
an electronic greeting card. 

And hey, remember I wanted to make the Seahorse one? Well... Ta-daaa

Good! but remember how the original from the tutorial had a fish? 

well, I accidentally killed it with my scissors :(

HOWEVEEEER!!!! I'm not done yet. I may not have a fish... but my design ended up with a little crab instead (purely accidental too):

So yaaaay, no need to make another one. [Yep I did the eyes
with Photoshop since I forgot to cut them! 
That's why you don't see them here] 

Have a lovely start of the week!

Paper Snowflakes!

At my office, we had to come up with an idea for this year's Christmas cards. 
After looking through some of our printed samples, one of my co-workers had 
the idea of making them ourselves. I think it's brilliant; so we are going 
to make paper snowflakes, scan them, and make a card with our signatures!

I am very excited to create my own; I found these cool tutorials. It's been years since I last made a paper snowflake, so I kind of forgot the process. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to decorate your window with so many of
those cool designs? They look lovely at night!

This is the one I've made so far... not bad for having just re-learned the process!

Let me show you the one I would really like to do. Sea Horses:

Oh, I also came across this creation:

a CD Ornament made with a paper shredder. Crazy!

Have you made any handmade ornaments or other decorations this year?
 If I can succesfully finish my Sea Horse Snowflake, I will make sure I post it here!

Blue Post

Do you have those days when you want to write but are afraid of being too boring and therefore abstain from blogging? It's kind of happening to me this week. It must be because I've been a little sick and also uninspired. Yesterday I spent all day in bed because I had stomach problems and felt weak; the night before I was so scared I was going to throw up (yes, I have a weird trauma). Luckily I didn't; today I am much better.

I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately but I promise I've been a silent reader. I also haven't posted pictures lately! But I have added some more on Etsy! I also have new photo-project ideas that I can't wait to try. I just need to gather all necessary supplies. I wish I had more money to spend in experiments! (speaking of Etsy, if any of you want to sponsor a giveaway, it would be awesome! you can also wait until I have more stuff) 

Anyway, it's December, right? Pretty big reason to smile! I am sure the rest of the week will be much better, although I can't wait for the weekend. 



Fabulous Fridays: Being a Woman (and loving it!)

A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.  ~Diana Stürm

Curve:  The loveliest distance between two points.  ~Mae West

A highbrow is a man who has found something more interesting than women.  ~Edgar Wallace

After about 20 years of marriage, I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of that one.  And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.  ~Mel Gibson, about what women want 

some that made me chuckle:

Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right - instantly.  ~Sam Slick

They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.  ~Author Unknown

The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.  ~Elizabeth Metcalf

Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.  ~Samuel Johnson

Men enjoy being thought of as hunters, but are generally too lazy to hunt.  Women, on the other hand, love to hunt, but would rather nobody knew it.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

Women really do rule the world.  They just haven't figured it out yet.  When they do, and they will, we're all in big big trouble.  ~"Doctor Leon"

Songs which depict strong women:
The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun
Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady
Men's shirts-short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, doin' it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!

Got brass in pocket
Got bottle I'm gonna use it
Intention I feel inventive
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

Got motion restrained emotion
Been driving detroit leaning
No reason just seems so pleasing
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

Gonna use my arms
Gonna use my legs
Gonna use my style
Gonna use my sidestep
Gonna use my fingers
Gonna use my, my, my imagination

Thought: No particular reason for the topic today! Maybe it's 
the fact that winter clothing sometimes makes one feel pretty? :)  
(even if my skin is pale and my freckles show more).
Anyway, isn't being a woman amazing? I love how we can dream,
be goofy, be sexy, fall in love with love, like cheesy movies but also
action ones, have so many hairstyle, shoes, and clothing options (it can be
dangerous too I know),  be treated delicately by gentleman, wear many
many colors, and even be a complete enigma to some. 
Today, smile because you're one, walk with confidence, 
irradiate happiness, and just enjoy being a lady!
Self-esteem can be very sexy <3 

Have a cozy weekend (it's cold! - at least here)


Things that make me smile automatically :)

These are based on the past few days:
When I see an old Volkswagen

Toy Poodles jumping like asking you to carry them

Doorknobs that remind me of the one from Alice in Wonderland

When Paulie looks at me from the kitchen lamp

Cute coffee-lover necklaces

Clever designs, like these piggy-shaped earphones!

 Christmas-overly-decorated houses. More like an amazed-smile... and then I think of the energy spent, yikes

When I realize a store sells Panettone;
 even more if I see Donofrio! 
the smile turns into a Panettone-in-the-bag

I could go probably on and on... but now it's
 your turn to tell me a 
few things that have made you smile lately :) 

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