Answer to the previous post's comments

I thank you guys for all for the comments! Lissa and Laura, that helped with feeling positive about following anything I want! Thank you very much ladies, it was nice to come back home to that today. Morgenstern might have the wrong idea however; while his comment is supportive, it still sounds like he misunderstood some things. So, to him:
First of all, I am extremely happy with what I have and with my life. I see the news, I know how the real world is, I know there are people suffering in other continents;  I always try to apply that to when I feel down for silly things. What that post was about was me being confused. I don't want to look back one day and say "I could have done more with my talents" that is all. And actually, you are wrong about me wanting more. I actually don't want to be rich. I don't even want the most expensive camera. Maybe, yes, one that's a little more expensive than the one I currently own, but nothing outrageous. And the rest of things I listed, I am not sure why you say most people never have them. I am a big believer in metaphysics. I think whatever you want to achieve you can have it; and I also think that whatever attitude you put into things influences the outcome greatly.
I can assure you that as long as I have what I listed, I will not desire anything else. But don't blame me for wanting to live my life to the fullest. I was not whining. I was just saying that I'm scared of being confused for a looong time (I've been questioning this for a while now). You ask me if I am happy... and what things make me happy. Well, the answer is, A LOT of things make me happy, and that is part of the reason why choosing something to dedicate my life to is so hard. I also don't want the best job in the world... in fact, I want to live more for my loved ones, dedicate a lot of my time to them. But it would be awesome to leave my little mark on the world, whether it is with pictures, art, architecture, or whatever. I don't think I was complaining, and in fact, all my friends know me and can tell you how positive I am. I always thank God for all he has given me; and I try not to take things for granted. So, as you said, "I do feel privileged, humbled, and joyful that life has no other problems for me to solve." I hope it is the same case for you. Thank you for your advice,

Confused-- Hope the length doesn't make you click the x

I need a sign from God. Ever since I was a kid I thought I wanted to become an architect one day. When I finally applied to College, I didn't get in the University of Texas' Architecture School, only to the Liberal Arts School. I was sad, as I didn't want to go anywhere else (I also couldn't afford to) and wanted to stay close to my family since we had just moved to Austin. I decided to pursue a degree in Urban Studies and do Architecture as a Master.  A lot of people said that was a good idea.

After graduating, I was able to get a job at a small Architecture firm (where I work now). I was thrilled. I wanted to learn stuff, interrelate with architects, and perhaps even design something small with the help of my very basic AutoCAD and Sketchup knowledge. Months passed, and for some reason, all my excitement began to fade away. I am not sure why... maybe it was because I discovered I was in love with photography, maybe it was because I read that architecture is one of the most overrated careers, maybe because I thought about my future life and decided I didn't want to live for my career-- I want to be able to have time for me, for my family, etc-- or maybe it was because one of the architects in the office told me he would choose another major if he could go back in time. I am not blaming him...  each person goes through different experiences in life. Anyway, the point is that I woke up one day and said "I don't want to be an architect anymore, I want to be a photographer-- a popular one."

Well today, I talked to one of the new architects in my office. He used to be a T.A for one of the classes I enjoyed the most in college. He talked to me about the positive things about the career. He said there are firms that still do hand drawings and models, that in South America architecture has a high demand, that he absolutely loved architecture school. Unconsciously, he awoke some curiosity in my brain again.

I don't know what to do. I don't know when to do it. I will probably go to Peru for a few months in the middle of this year and I wish I could go knowing what I want to do with my life, so that I can prepare myself further while I am there, whether in photography, or architecture.

A few months ago I  discovered a Masters Degree that sounded very exciting to me. "Photography & Urban Cultures." They offer it in London only, though. Maybe I should just go to London? Why is it so hard to decide what I want to do? Why am I so indecisive? Some say I could do Architecture because photography can be a hobby. That's the thing... I wish it wasn't just a hobby. If I do architecture, then I won't be able to study photography and pursue it 100%.

I seriously need one of those rays of light they show in cartoons, when people suddenly know what to do.
All I want in life is:

- To have a job that I LOVE
- To be somewhat 'popular' with what I do, at least in the town I live in 
- To have extra time for me, for my future husband, for my family, always 
- To earn a good enough income
- To never feel I wasted any talents
- To enjoy life, places, people, nature, etc. You only live once...

Any suggestions? I know...  crazy huh.

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Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 5: Backstreet Boys & Blonde Guys

Today during my lunch break, I was driving and suddenly thought: 
"I want to listen to the Backstreet Boys."
Has that happened to you? You keep singing an old band's 
song for some reason 
and eventually you just play the CD. I miss the 90s...
During that time, I was also-- who knows why-- a little obsessed with blonde guys. 
I guess it's not too hard to guess who my favorite Backstreet Boy was...

There was another band (from Ireland) that came out, with 3 blonde members! 
I fell 'in love' immediately. I wanted to listen to them, see them live someday, 
buy their cds, etc. None of that happened; just the first thing.
This band was Westlife. It wasn't as popular here in the U.S, so you may
not be familiar with them: Westlife

In this case, I was in love with the second and fifth guy. *sigh* funny memories.
Their songs are not bad actually :) I recommend 'My Love' and 'Fool Again' 

cheesy? maybe
cute? yeeeees

The alarm clock is my enemy!

Anyone out there who actually likes alarm clocks? The poor objects are the unlucky first things we touch smack in the morning after their sound brings us back to reality. Well, at least the two that I use I don't have to smack--> Yes, lately I've been using my cell phone and another alarm clock that was in my brother's room but that used to be mine. And now that I think about it, I should put it back in his room because it's making me wake up later! Since I know there is another alarm coming, I let myself sleep 'a few more minutes.' Also, since I am still in that weird realm of sleep-awake, I confuse the two and I press one a million times only to find out that that's not the one sounding! So I guess I'll just stick with my cell phone. My boyfriend laughed when he realized several alarms were set: one for 7:30, one for 7:35, one for 7:38, and probably one more after that.
So speaking of alarm clocks, today I came across an interesting article about creative alarm clocks. Here are some:

Pillow Alarm Clock The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow.

Very innovative! But who knows if it would work with me... I can sleep with anything, even lights on.

Smash Alarm Clock The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock. 

I like it! And you don't have to feel bad for smashing it :)

Gun Operated Alarm Clock Old NES light gun was modified with tilt switches to control a vintage digital clock radio. When the alarm wakes you up, grab the gun and kill it off!

Interesting concept! But I don't think it would fit in my tiny night stand. Plus hmmm I would feel like Tomb-Raider or something with an object like this in my room.

Here are three alarm clocks that work for Marcela:

Clocky Alarm Clock Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once.

Probably very ideal for me. Once I am up, I probably wouldn't get back into bed. I would have to get used to this object jumping from my night stand though...

Carpet Alarm Clock If you want to turn the alarm off, you have to get up and step on it. 

Anything that makes me stand up is great! I know I could put my current alarm clock far away in my room, but if I had this carpet, it would be much easier to obey. 

Puzzle Alarm Clock doesn’t let you drift off so easily thanks to an alarm setting that requires some quick puzzle skills, and more than a little coherence, to shut it off. 

How neat! I like those colors. 
For now I guess I just have to keep hitting the snooze button many times. I need to be able to wake up after the first time, though, like I used to! One day... :)
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Film suprises with a few effects...

Remember when I said last week that I was excited to develop some film photos? 
Well, I already have them! In fact, I've had them for a few days, 
but today seems like a good day to share them finally. 
I also wrote a little list of the ones I really wanted to see. Well... here they are:

- me at Whole Foods

- my friend Adrian at Whole Foods (I had to make it b&w)

- my dad standing in front of my car

- pictures of cars and the sky

- a picture of my mom in the kitchen

- pictures near UT

and here is one more that I liked. Two great friends and I at a restaurant:

I really enjoyed using that camera.
I think one day I want to have a collection of them... 

The Lovely Bones

Hi lovely ones,
I hope your week started beautifully!
Today I want to talk about a movie I saw yesterday: The Lovely Bones 
It's very interesting to me to look at the reviews after I watch a film because no matter how good (or for that matter- how bad) a movie is, there will always be people who love it and hate it. People indeed have the right to have their own opinions, but I really dislike it when they 'attack' a movie [especially an awesome movie] with all kinds of insults just because it didn't meet their expectations. I also want to quote a woman who left her review and said, "just because the movie doesn't include everything from a book, doesn't make it a terrible movie." This is exactly what people should keep in mind. A movie will never be a book. The writer and the film-maker have different visions in their minds. They are different types of artists. And to those who complaint about the murder scene being too short/coy and about the sadness not being shown deeply, maybe try thinking that this director wanted to show people a not-so-dark side of such horrible situation. 

I do wish we could have connected with some of the characters a bit more (mother, sister, etc), but overall this movie is excellent, in my opinion. The acting is incredible! Seriously... you end up hating this rapist guy (who by the way is Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada) and feeling all the innocence,  love, and even heartbreak of this beautiful 14-year-old girl. I seriously had to stuff some pizza in my mouth in some scenes in order not to cry.
I also loved how the director portrayed the in-between. It makes you want to stay there instead of going to heaven :) (as if it was like that... hopefully!)

I recommend it! Let me leave you with the trailer!

From the director: "I have no interest in filming a murder and rape. I have zero interest in filming it and zero interest in watching it. It wasn't even a decision that was hard. It does intrigue me when there is a review that criticises us for being gutless for not showing the murder and the rape - and I think "did this reviewer look forward to that scene and we haven't delivered?" And it's usually a male reviewer

What if... Wednesdays: Dreams

Pretty People,
what if you could choose one dream you've had
in the past and make it come true? Have you
ever woke up wishing you were still
dreaming? Many times probably!
Tell me about one of them :)
I think one of my coolest dreams ever
was one in which I could breath underwater.

At first, I was scared and thought I was going to drown (who knows why 
I was in the middle of an ocean to begin with). Then, when I 
was about to give up-- since I was so deep and thought I
wasn't going to make it to the surface-- I suddenly realized
I was breathing! And so I swam more...

and more...

Now imagine how fun that would be! I could stay underwater as
long as I wanted to, talk to the fishes

and other silly things...

At least I know I wouldn't look like I'm chewing a lemon:

(me like 4 years ago)

I chose this theme today because I had like one or two bad dreams
these past days. Shoo!

images 12345

Film Camera Surprises (+)

Hi all!

I'm excited! Today I am going to take the roll of film I used with my boss' Nikon FM Film Camera to the lab to be developed. I haven't used one of those cameras since a long time, and I really want to see how the pictures turned out. I want to mention the ones I am interested in, so that when I get the prints, I can show you the results!

There are pictures of:
- me at Whole Foods 
- my friend Adrian at Whole Foods
- my dad at a car dealership standing in front of my car
- pictures of cars and the sky
- a picture of my mom in the kitchen
- pictures near UT
and more!

Anyway, more on that coming soon!
Speaking of pictures, there is a sale going on right now on my Etsy shop! It's buy one print, get one (same prize or lower) for free! Click here to go to my shop!

And before I go today, here are a few pictures I took of Musical Instruments! I hope you like them :)

Thanks for reading! Come back soon


I've told you a few things about me before. Well, it's time for more!
I was tagged by sweet Heidi at Word Gardening. Here are my answers!

1. What is your current obsession? Etsy and Photography!

2. What are you wearing today?  Black corduroy pants, a beige thin sweater, and a mustard coat.

3. What’s for dinner? Too early to know that :P

4. What’s the last thing you bought? A taco and fresh orange juice!

5. What are you listening to right now? Nothing, right now my office is silent.

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Heidi: Very mature and sweet girl. Always comes up with good quotes and post-topics. 

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Wow I think maybe Greece or one of those popular and gorgeous beaches/islands. This is a hard question, the more I think about it, the more places I come up with.

8. One thing you wanna change about yourself ? I want to finish the things I start! Sometimes I get excited about a new project but end up leaving it half way through!

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Grab my camera and go somewhere wild in Africa. 

10. Which language do you want to learn? French! I love how romantic it sounds!

11. What’s your favourite quote? Another hard question, as I love so many. But here are some: "They laugh because I'm different; I laugh because they're all the same." 
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"

12 . Would you cook for me? sure, why not! Or let's make a dessert!

13. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you? Ignoring them... they'll get tired eventually(?)

14. What are you afraid of the most? Same as Heidi: dying. The unknown of that is just really frightening. Also, seeing my parents get old.

15. Who do you want to meet right now? My best friend Veronica, whom I haven't seen in years.

16. What is your favourite color? Turquoise. It brings life to things :)

17. Give us 3 styling tips that work for you. 1) If your hair has static, use one of those laundry dryer sheets and rub your head with it. Static goes away. Try to use one that doesn't smell too strong, though--or you will be smelling like laundry sheet :)
2) For volume, after applying products and blow drying, hold some hair (especially the one on top), and with a comb, pull down near the roots. Here is a picture (not a flattering one):

3) Accessories: Use either earrings + necklace, or earrings + bracelet, but not the three things. It becomes too cluttered. I read this long time ago.

18. What is your dream job? Full-time Photographer earning good income.

19. What’s your favorite magazine? I don't read magazines that often. I do like to see some innovative houses on Dwell.

20. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? If savings is not an option, then probably shoes. I need to replace a few old pairs!

21. What do you consider a fashion faux pas? Very long hair for guys, like in the 80s. That's all I can think of right now.

22. What's a little quirk of yours? I talk weird things when I'm in between sleep and being awake. My boyfriend loves to ask me questions at that moment because he knows my answers won't make sense.

23. What brings a smile on your face instantly? Cute animals, cute elderly couples, rainbows, songs I like, seeing a picture on my computer screen with surprising results, my cockatiels, and so much more.

24. A word that you say a lot? interesting!

25. What kind of haircut do you prefer? I haven't decided yet. My hair drives me crazy often. 

26. What are you going to do after this? Continue working!

27. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed? I talk to family, I call my friends and try to get out and distract myself. I love time on my own too when that happens, and I just do relaxing things, like watching t.v., getting a nice drink at Starbucks, or if I have some money, a pedicure always works!

28. What makes you go wild? Latin Music, oldies (dance-able music), creamy desserts, Queen.
Wild in a not-so-good-way: rude people

29. What are your favourite movies? Crazy question! The Notebook would be one for sure, The Orphanage for its  beauty and suspense, Man on Fire- Denzel is just great, The Karate Kid, and so many more...

30. What inspires you? Nature, family, animals, people's generosity, friends, talented artists, etc.

31. What do your friends call you most commonly? My friends in the US,  Marcela, Marcy. My friends in Peru Marcela, Marce, Marcelita

32. Would you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee most of the times. I really like Thai Tea.

33. Which other blogs do you love visiting? So many! See 'blogosphere' tab to read about them.

34. Favorite Dessert/Sweet? Creamy ones! Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse are the ones that I always look for in menus.

35. How many tabs are turned on in your browser right now? 8. I always have many tabs opened!
(Photography, Urban News, Gmail,, etc.)

36. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? ugh, I have a pimple and my smile lines are still there!

37. Favorite Season? Depends on where I am. If there are lots of trees, probably Fall. In a place like my hometown (Lima), probably summer :)

38.One wish that you really want to see come true? Having a very successful career and marriage. Being a good mother, and for my parents to be proud of all three of us.

39. What breaks your heart? Animals being abused and neglected. It depresses me to think about it.

40. What's one thing you really want to do in life? Travel a lot and see an Aurora Borealis.

41. If you could 'revive' a celebrity, who would you choose? Freddie Mercury. I'd love to see one of his concerts.

Thanks for reading, dears! Today, I tag:
Sierra from Ocean Dreams
Jennifer from Novelista Barista
Lu from Teddy Loves Lu Loves Teddy
Melissa from So About What I said
Alpha from Simplify
Eliza from Restless Hearts
Nicole from My Teacups In Peony
Miss Moose from Moose Tea Party
Toni from Little Suitcase
Claire, from InTransit

Rules for those who are tagged :-

1. Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list.
2. Tag eight or ten other people. (Please answer all questions!)

Slowly Updating You - Blogger Santa!

Hello dear readers!
Wow, I think I got a few more followers while being a little absent; how funny. Thank you though!
I have so many things to say. First of all, happy new year to all! I really hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness and many blessings. I also hope your holidays were wonderful and that you enjoyed the time with your families. 
Today I want to write about the awesome Blogger Santa- Gift Exchange that Jennifer (Novelista Barista) organized. I loved it when my mom asked me if I had ordered something when she saw there was a box for me. And it wasn't too small either. I was excited; someone from who knows where had sent me a Christmas gift!

Well, that person turned out to be a lady named Lisa. She sent me something she had bought while visiting Hawaii! This is what I saw when I opened the box:

Now let's take a closer look. An awesome hula dancer mug! I used to collect mugs in Peru. 
I had forgotten about how cool it was to have different designs. 
I think I will continue my collection!

I am a coffee lover. She knew this. Someone take out the coffee filters please! (so far I've tried
one of them, and it's delicious!)

and the best element a gift could have... a card with lovely words from her. Thank you, Lisa!

And just to make this post a little longer, let me tell you whose Blogger Santa I was! Her name is Kim; she loves accessories, music, photography, among other things. Since she told me she loved earrings and necklaces the most, and that she liked bright colors, I chose this for her:

bright yellow origami earrings!


this cute necklace with a cat listening to music. I love wearing
unique silly things sometimes. I hope she does too.

I'm so glad to be back! Now I just have to read your blogs and I'll be caught up :)


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