Film Camera Surprises (+)

Hi all!

I'm excited! Today I am going to take the roll of film I used with my boss' Nikon FM Film Camera to the lab to be developed. I haven't used one of those cameras since a long time, and I really want to see how the pictures turned out. I want to mention the ones I am interested in, so that when I get the prints, I can show you the results!

There are pictures of:
- me at Whole Foods 
- my friend Adrian at Whole Foods
- my dad at a car dealership standing in front of my car
- pictures of cars and the sky
- a picture of my mom in the kitchen
- pictures near UT
and more!

Anyway, more on that coming soon!
Speaking of pictures, there is a sale going on right now on my Etsy shop! It's buy one print, get one (same prize or lower) for free! Click here to go to my shop!

And before I go today, here are a few pictures I took of Musical Instruments! I hope you like them :)

Thanks for reading! Come back soon


  1. gorgeous photos ... i've been asked to do some for a friend so this is wonderful inspiration! stunning chica.

  2. What amazing pictures - I love your creativity. Can't wait to see more that you develop. :)


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