Dear Pretty Readers, Meet My Canon 30D

Happy Little People,
Yesterday I could not show you the weekly selection of pictures because I did not have the ones I wanted with me at my desk. Today!, however, I do. I want to show you the pictures I've taken during the past few days with my newest toy, the Canon 30D. I am very pleased with it; I knew I would be... I just needed a good-but-not-too-pricey SLR to continue my Photography Journey. So, for now, this camera is great great great. Let me show you some pictures...

During lunch at Whole Foods, I couldn't resist taking a few pics, among which was this one of chairs:

My cockatiels are my camera-victims many times. This is Paulie:

I also went outdoors on Saturday and took pictures of a small wind chime:

... tiny flowers (these grow because I blow my birds' seeds outside in order to leave them the fresh ones)

... more flowers from my front porch ( sometimes I pass by without admiring their beauty):

... a wooden bench we have. The wood has been affected by weather, but I think it makes it more beautiful:

Back inside! This is Harriet, my other cockatiel:

Despite being less mischievous and charismatic than Paulie, he actually posed nicely for this picture:

Thank you for stopping by today; I'll be back later :)

Rainbows & Smiles,

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  1. Those are some cute birdies! I really like the first picture of the stools, though :)


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