Today I want to write a short post about one of my favorite arts. Guys, if you haven't been to a Broadway play, you have to!! They are indescribable experiences; I can't use enough words to describe  all the magical feelings that theater awakens in me. 

I used to perform when I was in high school in Peru. I actually miss it a lot; I've always thought that those who perform (in theater) for a living have one of the most amazing occupations. Every time I get out of a play-- and this always happens-- I feel 99% joyful, 1% melancholic. My mind spaces out for a few minutes and tries to imagine what being an actress would have been like.

These are the plays that I've seen so far:
- Phantom of the Opera (absolutely amazing)I knew I had to see this play after I heard the main song for the first time. 
- Jesus Christ Super Star
- Monty Python's Spamalot (very funny!)
- Mamma Mia
- Wicked (incredible!)

And these are the plays I cannot wait to see (my priorities)
- Beauty & the Beast
- Bye Bye Birdie
- Grease
- Miss Saigon
- Le Misérables

Do you have any favorites? Any that you would recommend? Out of the ones I've seen, I recommend that you watch Phantom of the Opera & Wicked first. The stories are amazing... and the stage effects? out of this world. 

Before I finish, I want to tell you about  my mom and I's last Saturday adventure. We went to see Lea Salonga. Do you know who she is? Well, she is known for her outstanding musical role of Kim in Miss Saigon, for having received numerous awards, and for being the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. Her voice is truly amazing... I've never been to a concert of that type before, but I really enjoyed it; and when she sang "A Whole New World," she asked any guy from the audience to join her (for the Aladdin part), and it was just like listening to princess Jasmine. I know... duh, it's her voice, but hearing it live was incredible. Tell me about any favorite theatrical experiences you've had... I'd love to hear some. 

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  1. Oh my goodness hearing Jasmine sing must have been beautiful, I am a tad jealous, ha ha. I have seen Phantom, Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked, they are soooo good, I agree! Hope you see Beauty and the Beast, such a good show for sure. I am also off to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas soon with the BF, should be good. I love how you love the arts, me too! ;)

  2. I absolutely love the theater also! I've seen Phantom (amazing!), Le Mis (on Broadway and FANTASTIC!) and many others. I actually saw Spring Awakening yesterday and it was phenomenal. The music is so great! I definitely recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity. Also, Legally Blonde. I didn't think I'd like it because it would be too campy and silly--it was, but it really works! The next one on my list is definitely Wicked. I hope to catch it while it's still in San Francisco.

  3. Sierra, let me know how the Grinch play is :) Thank you for your comments always!
    And Cristina, awesome recommendations. Haven't heard of Spring Awakening; I will check it out. I want to see Legally Blonde too :) Oh and yes, try to go to Wicked; it is a lovely story with very original characters :)


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