Colors On a Cloudy Day

Hello all!
As usually on Tuesdays, I am happy to show you what me and
my Canon 30D have been doing together lately.

Last Saturday we stopped by the railroad tracks. I was constantly looking from
side to side to make sure the train wasn't nearby 

There is something about the perspective of rails... I love it!

As I was about to get into my car, I saw a tree whose
 top I decided to photograph

I edited the images in two different styles

Once back home I decided that, despite not having many colorful 
trees nearby (you know- those Fall-looking ones), I would at least
capture the colors of some plants in our front-yard

And here is a watercolor effect on one; I usually 
avoid applying these because they are
not real paintings! But I really liked how it looked:

Oh I almost forgot! This one is called 'Alone'

Thanks for stopping by; it means a lot :)


  1. You are so talented, I love these photos! You know, the leaves look like hearts, it looks great how you edited them as well. the train tracks, trains have always fascinated me. Hope you are enjoying the time leading up to Thanksgiving! XO!

  2. Thank you lovely; you know, sometimes the comments on blog posts mean more than others because they are optional; they are not a reply to a message or anything, where sometimes one compliments you because they feel they should. So thank you :)


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