What if... Wednesdays: A real one this time

<-- that picture is peculiar because 1) my hair sort of looks like that. 2) The middle of my day felt something like that. 3) My brothers gave me a sister-card with that same girl on it once.

Guys, today's 'what if' is going to be influenced by my day. The good thing is that some of you may relate to it, the not-so-good thing is there is no daydreaming involved in this one :(
What if your mind and your attitude can actually influence everything that happens throughout the day? You know how they say "it's all in the mind..."A few things have gone wrong today. Not terribly wrong to be sad about it... just one of those days when many little things accumulate.

Let's review those things...

I woke up with two pimples{still}in between my nose and my mouth.
It looked like I was going to have a third one on my upper lip, but it hasn't happened yet.
Horrible area... I'd rather have them on my forehead where I can camouflage them.

I was going to be at work only for like 3 hours today, but I ended up staying all day.
It was a good cause; I had to help a friend with some computer issues so that we
could finish a photography project by Friday. But I was losing patience due to my inability to
explain him things combined with his inability to understand me.
After that, I went to Whole Foods and tripped in front of the registers.
Very convenient; everyone saw that girl with the yellow sweater walking in a fast pace,
so confidently, and suddenly plaf9(*&&*^*^&!!
"I'm ok!!"

 Later I hit that funny-nerve on my elbow and almost got a paper-cut.
Minor happenings to add to the rest...
Then I kind of felt everything had to do with my attitude...

I bought some ice cream at Whole Foods to start the positive half of my day; and
the fact that the person served me a lot was the first highlight.

Later I went to Walmart to print 2 images. I asked if they had other sizes
besides 4x6, 5x7, 8x10...
The man said no. I said, "oh, so I can't print a 6x6 then?" The man said,
"oh, actually we do print 6x6 for scrapbooking" I got my prints :)

I am sure the rest of the night will just fine! It's all in the mind, right? :)

I'll leave you with an image that makes me laugh: 




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  1. Hope the rest of your week went well. Be positive has been a bit of my philosophy lately, I find it hard to stick with, but over all it is so true!


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