Happy Monday

Hellooo. It's a sunny Monday here in Austin and so far it's been a good day! Last week I said there was something special about a first blog award. Well, there is something special about a second one as well, it must mean you're doing something good!

Today I am going to write 7 things about myself, because guess what! I received another blog award from lovely Cristina at because I amuse myself. Also, I am not going to write just any 7 things... I am going to write 7 funny things. So here they are:

1) At 23 years old, I still consider myself a kid in many ways. I could watch Sailor Moon for hours; I like anything related to Disney, even singing the soundtracks out loud. I smile when I think of sweets, I  like key chains from Claire's, and I think I would rather be wearing pajamas and socks rather than fancy clothes and heels. 

2) I still prefer CDs over Ipods... who knows why. I don't mind having to pick one or two before driving somewhere. I give my  mix- CDs album names, usually based on the songs inside. For instance, there is one that has the Bittersweet Symphony song, so the CD title is "I am a bittersweet symphony, but you can call me RANDOM."  It really is random.

3) I have a major (and quite silly) trauma in life: throwing up. I am not sure what triggered it, but the good thing is that it hasn’t happened in years! I don't look forward to the day it will happen again. I plan on using special cleaning equipment with goggles and mask included for when I have a kids…unless I get over my trauma before that. Recently I read about another brilliant idea: using cat litter. 

4) I love eating! Restraints on food like “only vegetables,” or “only organic” are not for me. I love meat, dairy products, sweets, pasta, Chinese food, salads, desserts (creamy desserts especially), carbohydrates, etc. I will suffer greatly the day I need to diet. 

5) I can be very patient with most things. For instance, I enjoy travelling since the moment I step into the airport...I don't mind baggage claim, hour changes, or delayed flights. A few things, however, can drive me crazy veeery quickly: slow computers, traffic, more than 2 consecutive red lights, and people that try to steal your money with tricked phone calls, letters or any method. What do they get? --> jammed fax machine due to Marcela’s angry messages [written in big letters with black marker so they can notice I'm mad]. This doesn't happen very often.

6) I always wonder weird things...like how much trash humans generate each day and how unnoticeable it can be... or if Hummer owners are all somewhat superficial, or how are we supposed to see each other in Heaven, with what age? my mom like my mom or my mom like a young person? same with my grandparents, etc.

7) I don't like pulling up directly beside a car when I stop because I just feel weird when they turn around and stare at you; and I don't like being in a public restroom with someone else in the room. It kind of halts the process... mainly numero dos. In college I once spent like 15-20 mins waiting for everyone to leave.

These are 7 blogs that are I either consider creative for the different types of posts they write or for the main theme their blog has:

1000 awesome things what things do you love in life?
awful first dates these are funny!
children of the 90s always makes you say "I did that too!"
color me Katie I mentioned her blog before, impossible not to put it here
the memory of rain pictures with lovely titles 
moose tea party isn't that the cutest blog name? she seems like a sweet person
and for spanish speakers: Carlos Dulanto's blog un excelente escritor!

The rules:
1. Share 7 things that your readers don't already know about you.
2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs you nominate.
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

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  1. Yaay an award, congrats love! I hate throwing up too, no fun with that! Also...eating is the best, as long as it doesn't lead to throwing up, lol!

  2. Awards are so much fun; glad I could pass the love on to you! And #7? Me too! I try to stop just short of the car next to me so we can't make eye contact, and if another car pulls up right next to me I try to move up just far enough that we can't look at each other. It's just awkward!

  3. Aww, this was so lovely!
    And the pictures are great, too :) :)

  4. #3 - reminds me of one episode of Seinfeld where he mention he hasn't throw up since the 80's - fun stuff

    #2 - I still buy cds over digital tracks, I like that fact that I can hold the lyrics in my hand and I like to read the dedications and small details like who design the package or what person inspire this or that

    Fun read! Thanks for the award, I will try to pass it on though I doubt I'll be as funny

  5. Thank you so much! Such a lovely suprise to see you had nomintaed me :) I'll get on to posting mine soon!

    Your 7 things made me smile, especially number 6- my mind always wanders too.

    Thanks again hun! Hope you're having a lovely week xo

  6. Yes, food should be enjoyed!!

    I love Disney too. My family still quotes films we haven't watched for years, and sings the songs.

    Also, I prefer CDs as well. It's easier to organize and separate things, and loan out music... I just like that.

    I love you Marcela. You are such a sweetheart.


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