6 Lovely Statues

These are today's pictures, giant still-friends that inspired me while touring beautiful
 Vienna (except for the last picture, which was taken in Austin).

Hello Mozart! I'm sure you're proud of your flower arrangement

It's like he's playing the flute, but water is the melody...

Viennese Parliament and an awesome mermaid-man who despite of looking tired
is still gorgeous

And howdy cowboy! 70s-style picture of Austin's Capitol

Hi pretty people, the era of my Nikon CoolPix photos is coming to an end... I have
 a Canon 30D to play with now! But no... I will not betray my old camera; 
there are still many pictures I have taken with it that I like. 
I hope you liked today's selection.
 I'll probably write one more post today, hugs to you!


  1. Your camera is great and I love the male mermaid statue with the water, very beautiful! Great pictures sweetie! XO!

  2. Thank you so much ladies!
    That little Nikon Cool Pix is indeed effective in many ways.


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