Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 6: Every time I eat m&m's...

February is not over yet, so I want to write something related to love :) 
It also has to do with m&m's (today I ate some and it reminded 
me that I wanted to share my cheesy story).
m&m's became special to me after the year 2001, right before my 
boyfriend Mauricio and I started dating. 

It was the year of 'quincea├▒eros' like we call them in 
Latin America (15th birthday celebration) when
my girlfriends and I couldn't wait to wear our formal dresses to one 
party after another. It was also the time
when Mauricio discovered he liked me and I discovered I liked him as well <3

Part of his 'flirting' strategy was bringing m&m's to me when 
we went to these parties as a group. 
I immediately knew, or someone may have helped me realize it, 
that what he wanted to imply was
m&m -- marcela & mauricio

So every time I eat them... I remember that <3 :)
Speaking of m&m's... have you ever become an m&m?
Yes, I know, you're like "what???"
but what I mean is...

 have you ever become an m&m?

Yep that's me :P, those are my freckles, that's my camera, 
those are my glasses, that's my brown hair!
And yes, I'm a bit random :P

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  1. He he, you are so cute! I love the M& are making me crave sugar except I am fasting from it, better run! Ha ha!


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