Last week's weather in pictures

This is how one of last week's days started for me:

it is unusual here in Austin to open the door and see this:

As I was getting ready to go to work, I couldn't help but 
keep my eyes on the window... the roofs were white!

Before getting in my car, I had to remove some 
of the snow from my front & back windows

When I got to the office, the deck looked like this:

it wasn't snowing as much as in the area where I live, 
but it was still noticeable!

Some minutes later, it was magical outside:

I think Winter is saying goodbye...
And in such a cool way... hasn't snowed like this in like 
12 years from what I heard.
I can't believe it's already March!


  1. it's beautiful even if it's sometimes a pain to get rid of them, I like the deck shot

  2. I love your perspective, the snow is lovely!

  3. These are great pictures. It makes the snow look really magical.


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