Etsy Etsy Etsy, I love you

Just thought I'd do a little advertising on my blog :) not 
just for me but for other talented people on Etsy.   

So here are some of my favorite items. Amazing artists out there...
Buy Handmade

This would be my photography shop. Come visit sometime!
Buy Handmade

I have 4 sales so far, but eventually I am sure I can reach more people 
and also improve as an artist.

This is a picture I took with my phone before shipping one of my sold items. 
Whoever buys from my store gets a note from me, a nicely-wrapped print protected from all hazards! and who knows, maybe even more surprises :) Also, I'll probably have a sale at my shop this month because my birthday is coming up! 

Now go and check out some Etsy stores!
And if you make anything you feel you're good at, open one! Who knows who might be waiting for your art out there.

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  1. You package your photography beautifully and you are right! There are so many talented artists, I love Etsy!


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