Goblins in my house!


Have you ever had experiences so weird that you think "how will I tell this story in order for people to believe me?"? It happened to me yesterday/today!
Let me explain...

Yesterday, I went to my mom's bathroom to pick up my brush and other things. I noticed there was a hair tie on one of the rugs close to the sink and I said "Ok I'll remember it's there so if I need one tomorrow, I'll pick it up" (how lazy of me not to pick it up and put it in the drawer or something!).

So today I needed a hair tie. I knew there was one in the bathroom so I went to grab it. When I got there, the hair tie was gone. I was like "weird... I swear I saw it yesterday" I even stared at the rug for several seconds and even rubbed my foot on it in order to detect if it was there... but no it wasn't. And the rug pattern is not even too dark, so my eyes weren't being fooled--at least I don't think. Then something in me said... what if I look again and it's there again... as if a goblin took it and brought it back again (someone told me goblins supposedly take items from homes and that's why sometimes you don't find the pair of your earring)...

Suddenly, I look down again, and THE HAIR TIE WAS THERE. I was in shock!! I almost jumped back. There it was... laying still... very clear to my eyes... the misterious hair tie.

I left the room because I wanted to see if it was going to disappear again when I came back... but this time it didn't. And plus I had to go to work. But... seriously guys... the most awkward thing that has happened to me so far this year. 

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  1. Ha ha this made me laugh, so weird! Maybe you have little fairies instead of goblins and who magically needed to temporarily steal the tie and hand it back? By the way thanks so much for all of your comments, you are so sweet!

  2. This is funny.... but seriously, once my husband got the scare of his life with a garden tool, it was placed late at night against the front door of my house. We couldn't open the door. It was placed in such a way that prevented the door from opening.... mine was ONLY a garden goblin though....


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