The other day I was creating a treasury on Etsy with pink and blue items and I came across 
this video (while thinking of a headline) of one of my favorite Disney scenes. So, today I
want to dedicate this post to all of you who may be indecisive about anything at all.

Will you go out with that guy or not?
Will you open a private blog or a personal one?
Will you have coffee or milk or tea this evening?
Will you become a doctor or a nurse?
Will you buy that dress or save as much as you can?
Will you travel to Europe or South America?

Whatever it is I hope your decision makes you very very happy :)
While you think about it, here's a video that always makes me smile (don't you
miss these movies?)


  1. I know that scene, it's funny, I definitely like the blue although if ask on a different day, I might go with pink, yeah I suppose we'll always be indecisive on certain things...

  2. It is so hard to make a decision on some days, I couldn't agree more! I love Sleeping Beauty, it melts all of my troubles away. :) Hope you are doing well!


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