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Who hasn't been to Starbucks at least once, right? During school years, I would get coffee from Starbucks several times a week, and there was something that would always make me smile and stare at the floor: While waiting in line, I'd listen to the people in front of me order. At least 3 out of 5 would say something like: "I’ll have a tall, nonfat, sugar-free, no whip, decaf Cinnamon Dolce Latte." Then I would think to myself: wow these people really do what they can to stay healthy and consume the least amount of sugar they can... maybe I should learn from them [note: I LOVE sweets]. So, as the line got shorter and shorter, I would continue to analyze their orders. Finally my turn came, and with a big smile due to my excitement I'd say: "Hi! Can I have a tall hazelnut latte with whip cream?" "add a marble pound cake to that." :) (... sugar? what sugar?)
I could not resist... I could not go against what my organism asked me for. I try not to constraint my cravings too much... and hey, I am not in bad shape; I do exercise and what not.
Basically, with this story, I want you to remember that it is important to enjoy things like that once in a while. Of course you need to be careful with sugar consumption, and dairy products, and caffeine. Just don't go against your cravings all the time; it's good to give your body what it's asking for. You CAN eat what you want, just not ALL you want :)
Having said that... this blog is about enjoying life, being happy with what you have, appreciating family & friends, feeling healthy yet not deprived of the things you love, following your instincts, loving yourself, and much more! One thing to remember is that life is short! I am no pessimistic at all, but I always try to keep in mind that each day in one's life is basically a gift; there are no guarantees about the future. If you have a certain craving, go have that today! If you feel like doing something specific, why wait? Tell me about it if you want :) Enjoy!

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