For those of you who love Queen!- Part I

Wow... what a band. Don't all of you wish Freddie was still alive so that he could continue inspiring us with his voice? It's not common for me to brag about things I like too much. I know everyone likes different things, etc. I also know there are so many awesome artists out there that one should appreciate. And I do, but I still miss Freddie! After I watch how he captures the crowd during his concerts, there is nothing that I would die to attend nowadays more than a Queen concert. What is your favorite Queen song? When do you hear it? For instance, I love listening to "I'm Going Slightly Mad" when I am stuck in traffic. Even though it has nothing to do with the song, I go slightly mad if I sit in the car too long. I love listening to "I Want to Break Free" when I am going back home from the gym and the speed limit is 60 and there are not too many cars around. I lower my windows, raise the volume, and stick my hand out to feel the air. The middle of the song with Brian's guitar and the instrumental part afterward is my favorite! :)

Also: One of my favorite Queen phrases is: My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies, fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly my friends! I made a t-shirt of it, which you can see at

Enjoy Freddie's amazing voice!

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